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Ross hook

The Expert Advisor has been created for trading USDCAD M15.

Entry signals are created based on Ross Hook.

Entry amount is set at 2.5% of the account equity, but can be changed if you are risk lover.

The exit point is determined by Stop Loss or Take profit which are implemented from Stop Limit indicator.

No martingale, no adding, no reducing.

During backtests, I used program connected to data from ECN broker.

I also used Monte Carlo simulations. Monte Carlo simulation uses different problem variations like: randomized history data, slippage or spread and implementing it to the backtests.

Nevertheless, I advise you to optimize parameters every couple of months.


  • Amount for a new position - lot size of a new position (in % of the account equity)
  • Maximum position amount - total permitted occupation of all positions together
  • Amount to add on addition - lot size of added position after the next signal in the same direction (not important in this EA)
  • Amount to close on reduction - size of a position, which will be closed after an opposite signal (not important in this EA)
  • Stop loss, Take Profit, Break Even, Martingale Multiplier should remain unchanged in this EA, but can be optimized by you from time to time
  • Indicator parameters - all indicators have optimized parameter values for a period of the last year
  • Expert magic number - ID of the Expert Advisor
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