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Ma Surprise

Simple strategies can be back

MA SURPRISE uses simple strategies combined with good trend design and unique exit strategies.

It uses moving average to enter

The EA uses 2 moving averages with periods 35 and 100 to calculate buy and sell signals.

It uses drop stop to exit

I have designed new exits strategies for the EA. It is drop stop. The drop stop will come to handle a trade when it reaches trade targets.

This would allow to have some more gain in trade when the drop stop is less than ordinary trailing stop loss for a very volatile market. Market today always generates a noise between moving up or moving down. This causes ordinary stop loss to trigger earlier than take profit.

It uses a hybrid trend

The EA combines a MOVING AVERAGE and ZIGZAG Indicator for trend calculation. ZIGZAG provides the level for easy trend definition.

Lower low plus lower high for bearish trend and higher high plus higher low for bullish trend.

Classic and beautiful result

EA has 2 trade modules, module A and module B. The different is a time frame to apply for trading decision. Module B is using the current time frame. Module A is using a synthetic time frame in the EA (5SEC) so it could back up working for the Module B.


  • UNIQUE MAGIC NUMBER = 599499 - a magic number for the EA's trades
  • LOTS_STYLE (USE_FIX,USE_AUTO): USE_AUTO - type of volume for trading, USE_AUTO = EA will calculated the lot, USE_FIX = lot equal to LOT INPUT
  • PERCENT FOR CALCULATE LOT SIZE % :2 - a percent trade from margin and stoploss for calculating volume when USE_AUTO
  • LOT INPUT=0.01
  • NOTIFY TREND (YES,NO)=YES - if YES= notify when trend changes.
  • TRADE MODULE A (YES,NO)=YES - if YES= enable module A
  • TRADE MODULE B (YES,NO)=YES - if YES= enable module B
  • DROP PIP=1000 - when price reaches target, drop this pip to exit trade
  • TARGET PIP=3000 - OrderTakeProfit
  • STOPLOSS PIP=1500 - OrderStoploss
  • MOVING AVERAGE FOR TRADE =35 - a moving average line for entering
  • MOVING AVERAGE FOR TREND=100 - a moving average line for calculating trend
  • MAXIMUM DD TO STOP=90 - When DD reaches this value, the EA will become idle

Please test the Expert Advisor before you make a decision to purchase this product. I have run and tested the EA many many time and I am very confident to present this product to the market.

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Version 1.1 - 2018.01.24
Improved lot calculations for auto lots mode.