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Assist Base

The product is a universal customized semi-automatic Expert Advisor. The robot is meant for experienced traders. It can also be used for beginners for intensive training in the tester. The robot has the graphical interface allowing users to fully control it in the tester. The product can also be applied for cautious trading - you can trade with a minimum deposit of $1 on a cent account.

The robot can be configured as an automated EA for a limited period - before the movement changes. The trading efficiency depends on the trader's abilities and can be extremely high. The robot frees traders from routine work, performs operations impossible for human traders and increases the number of processed accounts several times. Do not try to select settings for automated trading on large periods. It is possible, but the efficiency is low.


  • Smart trailing stop. It works by distance and levels. Trailing distance automatically changes based on a profit level
  • Pyramiding. Pyramiding allows you to safely increase a profitable position volume many-fold. The volume of next positions is calculated automatically based on the amount of a profit saved by trailing and specified % of the acceptable loss
  • Drawdown control. Partial closing of loss-making position with volumes from 0.01 and higher. Three functions: 1 - based on a specified part of a profit, 2 - dynamic, based on a saved profit trailing, 3 - simultaneous closing of profitable next orders as well as a loss-making one
  • Virtual orders allow ignoring stop levels. They can be moved manually
  • Trend control
    • Two SAR indicators are used for stop orders. If both are disabled, the first stop is opened by a distance, while the next one - by a specified step.
    • The custom indicator is used for limits. The limits are special. If a trend control is enabled, a market position is opened only if the price is below the order and there is a signal. This may happen far from the order level. If the trend control is disabled, they work as common limits
  • Automatic or manual Safe/Fix mode switching
  • Aligning TP of next orders by one level
  • Virtual. Allows you to manually install virtual SL/TP at large stop levels
  • Saving settings of the graphical interface
A detailed menu description is published in the Comments.


  • BS/SS/BL/SL_ON - enable first order settings
  • BS/SS/BL/SL_Next - enable next orders settings
  • BS/SS/BL/SL_Move_ON - enable orders movements
  • * - parameter in pips
  • Interval - disable placing orders if distance to TP is less than the specified one
  • Ignor Distance - distance allowing to start a new trading cycle in a drawdown
  • Auto_BS/SS, SafePyr_BL/SL - pyramiding modes. Select from the list
  • b/sCancelable - enable "mutually cancelable stop/limit" functions
  • FixStop/SafeStop/Limit TPnext - TP of next orders
  • FixStop/SafeStop/Limit Step - grid step
  • BS/SS/BL/SL_First Lots - first order volume
  • BS/SS/BL/SL_Next_Lot - next order volume
  • BS/SS/BL/SL_TP - first order TP
  • CheckVirtual - enable Virtual function
  • b/sTral_ON - enable trailing by distance
  • StopRisk/LimitRisk - % of allowable profit loss
  • b/sSynchro - combine SL loss-making + profitable
  • b/sTr_Start - first order trailing start
  • b/sNextTrStart - next order trailing start
  • BaseTrDist - basic trailing distance
  • LevTr_ON - enable trailing by levels
  • 1th TrDist - first position trailing distance
  • NextTrDist - next order trailing distance
  • TP_Perc/Nip_Dist - TP-profit-nipple parameters
  • BS/SScheck - enable stop order trend control
  • Limit_per_big/mini dif_big/mini BL/SLcheck - limit indicator parameters
  • Mini_per/dif/BL/SLcheck - limit pyramiding indicator parameters
  • DynClose/TaxClose/NextClose - enable the Drawdown Control function
  • Lot4cls/StartDDclose/PercProf - Drawdown Control parameters
  • ClsAll_Percent - profit % for closing all pair positions. The EA can be applied during a multi-currency trading. It works selectively

It is possible to use the work as a base model when ordering custom versions via Freelance.

Do not wait for a miracle. This robot (as any other) requires efforts in order to be efficient. It all depends on your talents. Skillful traders will be able to increase their profits many times, while inexperienced ones will quickly destroy their deposits. Do not be scared by the robot's large menu - everything will seem very simple after a few days of working in the tester.

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Version 2.0 2018.05.17
1. Fixed optimization error. Now the optimization result does not differ from the run result in the tester with the same parameters.
2. The input parameters, which are the same type but separate for Buy and Sell, are now optimized only by the Buy parameter, for Sell the same values ​​are substituted. This greatly facilitates and speeds up the optimization.
At the end of optimization, it is necessary to set the optimal value of the variable for Sell manually.
Refers to the following parameters:
All "Lots", "OpnDistance", "TP";
BS / SS_Next_Lot;
BL / SL_Next_Lot;
bTr / sTr_Start;
bNext / sNext TrStart
3. A significant refinement of the function Ignor Auto.
4. Fixed bug in the Add Lot function (not deleting an order).