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BG Nighter

BG Nighter is an Expert Advisor for night scalping. It works at the end of the American and at the beginning of the Asian sessions.

Working timeframes are M5 and M15.

Set files will be provided in the Comments section for the following currency pairs:


The EA features a news filter, which uses a news indicator.

IMPORTANT! The default settings and proposed set files are designed for brokers working according to Eastern European Time and New York trading time, thus covering most well-known brokers. If your broker has another terminal time, change the EA operation time manually.

Recommended account type - NDD, ECN.


  • TIMER - time period, within which the EA looks for entry opportunities:
  • Use_Timing - if true, the EA trades at a certain time;
  • Start_Hour - operation start time (terminal time is used);
  • Stop_Hour - stop searching for entry opportunities;
  • Start_Minutes - operation start time in minutes;
  • Stop_Minutes - operation stop time in minutes;
  • UseTradeFriday - if false the EA does not trade on Fridays;
  • CloseFriday - parameter works in conjunction with FridayEndTime, it allows selecting the time to force close all trades on Friday. To activate it, the CloseFriday parameter must be set to true;
  • MondayStartTime - time to start operation on Mondays;
  • Use_NewsFilter - true - enable the news filter. It works only with a separate indicator and only in online mode. This feature is not used in the tester;
  • MinsBeforeNews - minutes before the news release (only three star news are taken into account) to prohibit opening new orders;
  • MinsAfterNews - minutes after the news release to allow opening new orders;
  • DopSym_1, DopSym_2 - parameters that allows adding additional symbols to the total list of symbols to be processed by the news indicator;
  • BBands - settings of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
  • TRADE - main trading settings;
  • Long Position - allow buy orders;
  • Short Position - allow sell orders;
  • BB_Shift - the delta between the outer band of Bollinger Bands and the price when entering the market;
  • Min BB_chanel - the minimum width of the Bollinger Bands channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread in five-digit quotes, at which the EA is allowed to trade (all other values in points are calculated for four-digit quotes by default);
  • MinProfit - dynamic minimum profit, tied to the values of indicators;
  • Moving_Stop - dynamic stop loss, tied to the values of indicators;
  • Lots - trading lot value for the orders;
  • DepoStep - auto lot. Example: if Lots = 0.01, and DepoStep = 100, the initial order will have a volume of 0.01 per each $100. In case the deposit is $100, the EA opens orders of 0.1 lots. If 0, the EA trades a fixed lot set in Lots;
  • OpenPlay - window notifying of a new order opening;
  • Max BB_chanel - the maximum width of the Bollinger Bands channel, at which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • OpenPlay - window notifying of a new order opening;
  • Magic - unique EA index allowing it to distinguish its orders;
  • Ordcom - comment for the EA's orders. It can be changed at the user's discretion.
Guntis Grants
Guntis Grants 2017.10.08 19:26 

I have BG Nighter on a Live account for 30 days. It has doubled my account during this period. Yes, it is true, I optimized this EA to the maximum risk, these 30 days was a stress-test. I am going to decrease the risk significantly. NIghter withstood the test well - it is profitable for me. In a few occasions it did not close orders for a longer time and missed some good opportunities. As I understand the author is working on this issue. After some time I will return and update my review. If I could I would give it 4 and 1/2 stars. One half star away because of those few long trades that did not catch some good opportunities. My personal warning: No EA is a Magic Wand!! You have to work to get your money.

RK99 2017.08.08 14:12 

Not as good as what i expect, i had been running it for 2 weeks in real account the loses are way more than winnings. Not really recommended.

Mark Vaines
Mark Vaines 2017.08.03 08:36 

Poor so far will update in one month time

Still poor should be called BIG SHITER cos its garbage

Aussie_Trader 2017.07.14 01:49 

May be suitable for trading tiny lots but the absence of a real physical stop loss leaves one exposed to unlimited losses in the event there is any sort of lag or break in communication between VPS and broker server (and I have a very fast Russian VPS sitting in New York very close to IC Markets server). This type of exposure is unacceptable for any serious trader - too much like gambling. Sorry Boris, but the level of discomfort is too much. I can't imagine sitting with 5-10 lots waiting, hoping and praying for a stop loss which might never come. If you could introduce a stop loss that physically sits on the broker terminal, something that I can see to limit my losses pending decision of whatever indicator, then I may be able to upgrade my rating. In the meantime I would suggest that no serious trader would like to trade this way. I had to intervene on my live trade today to limit my loss to 2.4% and that was for one single trade. What would this amount to on a 100k account? I really don't want to be risking 2-3% to make 0.25- 0.5%. The wins are not that big and with a low risk to reward ratio we have to put a lot of faith in getting a very high win rate. Unfortunately, there is a big difference between strategy testing and real live dollar trading. Sweating on the sidelines not knowing when and if a stop loss is going to appear?? Calls for a reality check

Ps. I have a scalper that is working for me 24/5 and giving me good profits with sometimes 1:1+ risk:reward. Even that scalper has a hard wired physical stop loss sitting on broker server. Also need input "Risk as %" of account so as to have limits for loss on each trade. .