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KARAS OneWay Expert

KARAS OneWay Expert is fully automated intraday strategy. It is working only EURUSD, DAX and DOW. This strategy is written by using these instruments' characteristic features.

Every instrument has own working hours, market open and close times. So everyone has own characteristic features. This strategy is optimized for EURUSD, DAX and DOW in M5 Timeframe.


  • Instruments: EURUSD, DAX, DOW
  • Chart timeframe - M5
  • Strategy is using London Local Time. London Local Time is very important for this strategy.
  • It works in any broker (ECN account recommended)
  • You do not need configuration or optimization work
  • Lot calculation types: Fixed, Percent of Balance, Percent of Equity, Percent of Free Margin

Input Parameters

  • Instrument: EURUSD, DAX or DOW
  • Broker Settings
  • Your Broker Winter UTC Time: What is your broker UTC Timezone in Winter? (For London Winter UTC Time: 0, Berlin: 1, NewYork: -5)
  • Your Broker uses DST: If your broker's country uses DST, it is true.
  • Lot Settings
  • Lot Calculation Method: Fixed, Balance_Percent, Equity_Percent or FreeMargin_Percent
  • Fixed Lot: Fixed Lot value
  • Percentage of Balance: Percentage value of Balance
  • Percentage of Equity: Percentage value of Equity
  • Percentage of FreeMargin: Percentage value of Free Margin
  • Order Settings
  • Order Magic Number: Unique EA magic number
  • Slippage: Acceptable slippage, in points
  • Comment: Custom comments for deals
  • Alert Settings
  • Show Information: Information about the strategy working. (true/false)
  • Push Notification: Send notifications (true/false)
  • Display Box Alert: Display box alert (true/false)
  • Sound Alert: (true/false)
  • Sound File Buy
  • Sound File Sell

Attention: Please do test by entering your Broker Settings.

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