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FF Calendar

FF Calendar is a small, simple and free Economic calendar. FF Calendar retrieves information from the ForexFactory site.

Before attaching FF Calendar to the chart, it is necessary to add the https://www.forexfactory.com URL in Options -> Expert Advisors -> 'Allow WebRequest for listed URL', and also set the GTM time zone of your broker's terminal in the settings. News is displayed in a simple and intuitive way. The panel with the news display can be freely moved on the chart using the mouse. Its initial location at the start of the Calendar can be specified in the settings. Information is updated automatically. If necessary, you can filter the received Economic news in terms of importance and impact on the market, using the filter provided in the settings. The Calendar also provides notification features.

FF Calendar will be a good assistant in managing the Economic events when implementing your strategies.


  • Broker GMT offset - GMT time zone of your broker's terminal;
  • Currency's filter (EMPTY - all) - filtering based on symbols, for which economic news are to be displayed;
  • Impact filter - filtering based on news impact on the market:
    • From Low - from low;
    • From Medium - from medium;
    • From High - from high,
    • Everything - all.

PANEL and NEWS - panel and economic news display settings

  • Panel: showing events from the future? - show the future events (true - at the top, false - at the bottom of the panel);
  • Future news from range in minutes (0 - never mind) - future news display range in minutes (0 - optional);
  • Past news from minutes ago (0 - never mind) - range of displayed past news, in minutes (0 - optional);
  • Panel: width multiplier - panel width;
  • Panel: height multiplier - panel height;
  • Panel: Font size - font size;
  • Low Impact Color - low impact news color;
  • Medium Impact Color - medium impact news color;
  • High Impact Color - high impact news color;

MESSAGES - message settings

  • Alerts? - alerts;
  • Play sound? - audio signal;
  • File name for play sound - audio signal file;
  • Send message to mail? - email alerts;
  • Mail subject for send message to mail - subject for the emails;
  • Send notification? - notifications.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 15:59 

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Erdinç Yıldız
Erdinç Yıldız 2017.12.11 22:43 

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Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.22 12:40 

very simple

Version 1.68 2018.07.10
1. The tool has been adjusted to reflect the latest code changes on www.forexfactory.
2. Added a system for smart processing of information received.
3. Calendar database file has been updated.
4. The system of setup and display of events on the Calendar panel has been modified.
Version 1.65 2018.06.20
1. The program has been adapted to the latest changes in the code on the site www.forexfactory.
2. Added columns showing the GMT time, terminal time and trader's time to the calendar panel.
3. GMT time and trader's time are set automatically.
Version 1.40 2017.09.21
The program has been adapted to the latest changes in the code on the site www.forexfactory.
Version 1.31 2017.09.20
The program has been adapted to the latest changes in the code on the site www.forexfactory.
Version 1.30 2017.08.22
Increased the width of the panel to display news and their indicators.
Version 1.20 2017.08.14
Changes on the Forex Factory site have been taken into account.
Version 1.10 2017.07.28
Numeric values of News are now colored in accordance with colors used in the Forex Factory Calendar.