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Account Total info Window

Informer indicator. It constantly displays: the total number of orders, the percentage of the initial deposit growth, the "equity/initial deposit" and "equity/account balance" (relative drawdown) ratios, profit/loss for the four most unprofitable pairs. Sorting by decrease of loss (increase of profit). Switching the output format using the "Show/Hide" button.

The expanded format additionally displays:

  • Names of the pairs that have open positions
  • The number of positions for each pair
  • The total volume of open positions for each pair, separately for buy and sell, as well as net buy/sell
  • The total profit on pairs, as well as profit for buy and profit for sell positions separately

Input parameters

  • Initial_deposit - initial deposit. This parameter is optional, but if it is not entered or entered incorrectly, the output of the "Balance growth" and "Equity/Initial deposit" parameters will be distorted. The current drawdown will be displayed correctly in either case.

The OrdersTotal value shows the total number of open positions and pending orders. The parameter must be tracked when working with brokers that limit the number of orders (they still exist...), otherwise the EA may "suddenly" stop opening positions with no apparent reason.

Constantly monitoring parameters of relative drawdown and growth/fall of the current equity relative to the initial balance will not add you money directly, but you will be able to see in time that "something must be done urgently, or else..."

How to check.

Run the indicator in the tester of a real of demo account, which has open positions, and you will immediately see the information about everything that is present on the account.

The information is a modification of the standard iExposure, because the standard one outputs excessive information (averaging of the opening price for pairs) and does not provide all the necessary data. I have retrofitted it for myself, and I hope this work will interest other traders as well.

The informer has been made in two variants - this one opens in a separate window. If the window is minimized, only the line with the main information is shown.

Alternative option - informer opens in the main window. When minimized, only the line with the main parameters and the "Show/Hide" button are displayed at the top of the chart. This does not clutter the chart and does not interfere with the work. If you are interested in the second option, see "Account Total info Chart"

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