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ScalpingFX Trendline Breakout

This Automated Breakout Trend Line Expert Advisor gives you the ability to set and forget a pending order using our Trend Line Fully automated technology. Not only you can preset your own Stop Loss and Take Profit but it can be set automatically by the EA using the previous lower or higher point then will set TP accordingly. On top of this , you can set Break Even feature which will kick in after 50% of the Take Profit target has been hit. Also , if you scalp trend line breakout on high time frame and you have a ratio set of 2 after break even triggers you can set a trailing stop to maximise your profit. This is a fully automated solution , you just set your trend line name it buystop or sellstop in the trendline properties and you can go enjoy all the beautiful things in life.

EA Parameters

  • BuyStop_UpperZone - Specifies the distance from the trend line to get the pending order activation
  • BuyStop_LowerZone - Specifies the trailing distance from the trend line
  • SellStop_UpperZone - specifies the distance from the trend line to get the pending order activation
  • SellStop_LowerZone - Specifies the trailing distance from the trend line
  • LotSizeMethod - Either fixed or Dynamic
  • FixedLot - Fixed lot size value
  • riskPerTrade - % of your capital to risk per trade
  • Commission - amount per trade
  • StoplossMethod - Auto or Fixed , if Auto is set it will look back X number of bars set in autoSLBars for the highest / lowest price to set SL. If fixed then the StoplossSize will be used.
  • AutoSDBars - Number of bars to look back
  • stoplossSize - Size of your SL in pips
  • addSpreadToSL - if true the spread will be added to SL
  • TakeProfitMethod - Auto of Fixed, if Auto it will be set based on your TakeProfitRatio value. If set to 2 and your SL equals 30 pips then your TP will be set at 60 pips.
  • TakeProfitSize - if TakeProfitMethod set to Fixed then the value in pips will be taken for your TP size.
  • TakeProfitRatio - If TakeProfitMethod set to Auto then will use this value to determine profit ratio
  • BreakevenAuto - If True , will trigger your SL to break even position when price reach 50% of your TP size
  • bePips - Is the distance in pips from entry when break even triggers
  • TrailingStopAuto - If True, will only be triggered after break even kicks in
  • TrailingStopTrigger - This is the distance after break even is set to trail SL
  • TrailingStopDistance - Is the step distance in pips to move your SL

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