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The script analyzes the behavior of prices on two periods and visualizes the acceleration and deceleration of the price, highlights the areas with reversal and non-directional movement.


The script builds two non-linear trends with higher and lower periods based on quadratic regression. It highlights the following price patterns for each of them:

  • Linear Channel - a special case of a parabolic channel (quadratic regression channel)
  • Turn Up/Down - change in price direction
  • Trend weakening after movement Up and Flat/Down and Flat
  • moving up/down with acceleration after Flat and Up/Flat and Down price consolidation.

Input parameters

  • longterm period (bars) - the number of bars used for plotting the long-term trend
  • shortterm period (bars) - the number of bars used for plotting the short-term trend

Peculiarities of usage

The script works on any currency pair and timeframe.

The arrows indicate the trend direction.

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