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InfoSpread displays the current spread in the main chart window. The indicator updates the information on the spread size after every tick, providing the most relevant value of the current spread. You can also enable the display of the text label, which shows the spread value near to the current price line. Timely alerts about an increased spread are provided using a feature that changes the indicator color, when the value specified in the parameter is exceeded.

Input parameters

  • TextLeft - text to the left of the spread value
  • TextRight - text to the right of the spread value
  • Color - text color
  • FontSize - font size of the main text
  • Font - font of the main text
  • Corner - anchor corner of the main text
  • X - horizontal distance from the angle to the main text.
  • Y - vertical distance from the angle to the main text.
  • SpreadAbove, 0-off - spread value, when exceeded the text color changes to signal color, 0 - disabled
  • ColorSpreadAbove - signal color of the text
  • ObjLabel - enable/disable displaying a text label near to the current price line
  • FontSizeObjLabel - font size of the text label
  • FontObjLabel - font of the text label
  • XObjLabel - horizontal offset from the right edge of the chart to the text label
  • YObjLabel - vertical offset from the current price line to the text label

You can find a version of this utility for MetaTrader 4 here: InfoSpread

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2018.02.09 08:12 

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