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Saint Volume Trader EA Free

Saint Volume Trader EA consist of two sets of strategy. When "read volume" parameter is on, the EA trades with special build-in software to extract volume data from the data provider. Data provider updates real time data for every two minutes. When "read volume" is set to false, the EA trades with the standard MetaTrader 4 volume indicator. Both strategies have the same concept to read aggregated volume figures from the standard MetaTrader 4 volume indicator or data provider on a certain timeframe. By presetting a value requirement for opening a trade in the "trigger level" parameter, the EA will place buy/sell pending orders when the requirement value is met. Either buy or sell order is hit, the opposite one will be canceled. Below are basic information and EA's parameters.

Basic EA information

  1. Currency pairs = USD/DKK, USD/CHF and CAD/CHF.
  2. Timeframe = H1.
  3. Chart = Preferably use Renko chart.
  4. Requires VPS.
  5. Volume reading = USD/DKK, USD/CHF and CAD/CHF.
  6. Use ECN broker.
  7. Lot size = 0.01 can be used only.

Variable description

  • Read volume = true/false
  • Query interval = 120 (120 is 120 seconds or 2 minutes and do not change this value)
  • Max Active Orders = X
  • Auto lot = true/false
  • Risk = X % (risk of capital in percentage)
  • Fixed lot = X (fixed lot size setting)
  • Trade triggered volume = X (volume amount to be decided to open trades)
  • Pending distance = X pips (pending order's distance to the current price)
  • Martingale multiplier = X (lot increase setting when a trade is lost)
  • Stop loss = X
  • Take profit = X
  • Trailing (true/false)
  • Trail Start = X
  • Trail stop = X (trail distance)
  • Trail step = X
  • Magic number = X (4 digits)
  • Slippage = X
  • Trade comment (display account information on top left of the platform)
  • ECN broker (true/false)
  • Display (true/false)

EA's Setup

Users are required to add URL at MetaTrader 4 platform under Tools --> Options --> Expert Advisors.

Under Expert Advisors' tab, make sure to tick the following options:

  • Allow Automated trading
  • Disable automated trading when the account has been changed
  • Disable automated trading when the profile has been changed
  • Allow WebRequest for listed URL (URL to be added is www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-volume/)


  • Before getting familiar this EA, users are encouraged to test it on a demo account.
  • The use of money management is recommended to follow this ratio: 10k deposit to trade 0.1, 1k deposit to trade 0.01 and so on.
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