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GoDo is a level trading EA with a special indicator that analyzes historical series to identify overbought and oversold levels. GoDo's smart strategy is based on chains of orders with a powerful finely tunable order-money-risk management system.

Usability and profiles

GoDo is provided with Preset files to guarantee simplicity for those users have no time or desire to customize its quite numerous settings. Preset files are based on profile risks:

  • Prudent
    • Max equity risk: <=30% (guaranteed)
    • Hist max DD: ≈8.2%
    • Hist rel DD: ≈9.1%
  • Moderate
    • Max equity risk: <=35% (guaranteed)
    • Hist max DD: ≈10.6%
    • Hist rel DD: ≈13.8%
  • Agile
    • Max equity risk: <=35% (guaranteed)
  • Rampant
    • Max equity risk: <=40% (guaranteed)
    • Hist max DD: ≈16.4%
    • Hist rel DD: ≈21.5%
  • Aggressive
    • Max equity risk: <=45% (guaranteed)
  • Aggressive HFT
    • Max equity risk: <=45% (guaranteed)
  • Extreme
    • Max equity risk: <=50% (guaranteed)
    • Hist max DD: ≈10.1%
    • Hist rel DD: ≈35.2%
  • Extreme HFT
    • Max equity risk: <=50% (guaranteed)

Click here to retrieve preset files.


GoDo's order-money-risk management system is powerful and strongly customizable:

  • Money management - You can set lots, total lots, percentage of margin, max and min values for volume and orders and, above all, the part of balance you want every EA instance uses so you can manage multicurrency or multiEA.
  • Risk management - You can use dynamic management of risk setting parameters about margin and risk profile.
  • Safe basket management - You can decide your maximum liability setting maximum absolute or percentage drawdown, calculated from bottom or top of equity. You can manage a safe trailing drawdown system.
  • Time filters management - You can decide when to trade, defining filters on hours, days of week and months to avoid bad days such as Monday or Friday afternoon or periods such as Christmas or mid-August.
  • Drawdown statistics - GoDo monitors constantly absolute and percentage drawdown to draw "underwater chart" not available with MetaTrader. This chart is very important for your analysis.
  • Trade management - You can set dynamic or static take profit and stop loss and enable trade management strategies based on TrailingProfit. Then there are settings to shorten active chain length or to manage indicator's behavior in presence of strong Buyers-Sellers battle.
  • Dynamic lots management - You can choose a fixed or a dynamic gain level. It is possible to tune finely dynamic action on volumes and to alter equity chart shape modifying the recovery level of its "heart rate" and its slope.
  • Indicator settings - Indicator settings allow you to vary historical analyzed ranges and trading frequency.
  • Spread analysis - You can monitor spread explosions and establish when GoDo can start trading or when activate time rest waiting the "storm" clears.
  • Miscellaneous - You can show statistics of active orders, reverse trading, enable the ECN broker trading, set order time expiration and other features.


GoDo overrides timeframe used: timeframe choice is irrelevant.


GoDo has been tested for a 14 years period using the highest-quality tick data (99%). Many tests have been performed (walk-forward, conditional, etc.). Collected charts (equity chart, underwater drawdown chart, Equity VS Trend chart and others) have been analyzed with various software.

Important requirements

Use GoDo only with:
  • A serious and reliable broker
  • A VPS or dedicated server that can provide stability and a high availability connection.


  • Backtesting with poor quality or incomplete data cannot be valid in any way.
  • Currency market is an Over the Counter market, which is why the quotes can be significantly different from broker to broker and with the same Broker from type of account to another (for example, a standard account vs an ECN account). These discrepancies may concern price, quote timing and pseudo volume. If this makes you bother, I strongly advise you to choose a regulated market: this is Forex. These discrepancies can turn a successful trading into a bankruptcy trading. However, the fact remains that trading strategy used must be balanced, adapted to the risk profile and must ensure control and efficiency considering many users are undercapitalized.
  • Historical results cannot guarantee for future results.
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