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Graphics editor MT4

The Graphics editor MT4 utility is designed for creating and editing graphical objects of types:


Convenient and intuitive interface allows you to quickly and efficiently edit the main parameters of graphical objects and see the result of the changes right away.

Input parameters

  • Languages - Russian / English
  • base_corner - anchoring corner for the created objects
  • fonts - fonts
  • name_object - object name
  • file_name - file name for storing the information on objects
  • x_dist_new_object - the initial coordinates along the X axis of the newly created object
  • у_dist_new_object - initial coordinates along the Y axis of the newly created object

Before starting the work, it is necessary to select the anchor corner for the created objects in the input parameters. The anchor corner cannot be changed during the operation.

The graphical objects are created with the default parameters. For convenience, users are shown only the input fields that are available for modifying the selected object. If the object is not selected, then all the input fields are hidden.

For the symbols to be displayed correctly when creating graphical objects, it is desirable to have the Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3, Webdings fonts on your computer. The absence of the fonts is not critical, but it will greatly limit your creative abilities. In addition to the fonts Arial, Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3, Webdings, you can select one of 204 fonts in the input parameters.

To store information about objects, two files are created in the Files folder: CSV and TXT. The text file contains the function calls generated by the editor for creating the graphical objects. The function names and the order of parameter passing correspond to the examples in the MQL4 documentation: OBJ_BUTTON, OBJ_LABEL, OBJ_EDIT, OBJ_RECTANGLE_LABEL.

Example of an entry in a text file:

LabelCreate(0,"object_7",0,493,232,CORNER_RIGHT_UPPER,CharToString(117),"Wingdings 3",44,clrGold,0,ANCHOR_LEFT_UPPER);

The demo version of the product is also available.

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