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This EA builds on an interconnection of buy and sell trades that are methodically related.

No indicators are used. It is assumed at any time that the market is not foreseeable.

Several protection mechanisms create a stable strategy. Thus, the EA meets every possible market situation.

There may be an increased number of trades. The highest number that has occurred during a test run is displayed in the journal at the end. It is important that the broker used allows the required number. If the broker does not do this, then at the end of the test report a corresponding note appears.


  • MagicNumber: This number uniquely identifies the trades opened by the EA.
  • StartLotSize: The EA starts with this lot size.
  • Second_LotSize: The lot size of the trades can be increased if "LotNumber_For_SecondLotSize" is reached.
  • LotNumber_For_SecondLotSize: This is the number of lots from which the trades are opened with the lot size, which is selected under "Second_LotSize".
  • Distance_Trades: This describes the distance of the trades in pips.
  • Number_Trades_EnlargementFactor: A factor is assigned here that controls the number of interlinked trades. Recommended entries are from 1.2 to 3.
  • SecondaryTrades_ReductionFactor: This function also controls the number of interlinked trades. Recommended entries are from 1 to 0.
  • Time_Between_SecondaryTrades: Some of the trades can be controlled time-dependent. This is done in seconds. Three hours therefore correspond to an entry of 10800. Fast falling or rising markets require here a value of several hours.
  • TargetProfit: This entry corresponds to the guideline value of the profit in Account currency, which is desired for the closing of several trades. This guideline can be changed with the following two options.
  • TargetProfitIncrease_NumberLotsDepending_Used: If "True" is selected, the following factor is used to calculate the guideline for the profit.
  • TargetProfitIncreaseFactor_NumberLotsDepending: When several trades are closed, the guideline value of the profit is increased by the number of each further positively closed trade multiplied by this factor. Recommended are entries from 0 to 2.
  • MaxTotalLoss_Used: If "True" is selected here, all trades are closed as soon as the drawdown of the trades opened with the selected "MagicNumber" falls below the value specified under the following option "MaxTotalLoss".
  • MaxTotalLoss: If the Drawdown falls below the value entered here in Account currency, all trades that have been opened with the selected "MagicNumber" are closed. This value must be negative.
  • ContinueTrading_After_Crash: If "True" is selected here, the EA continues its activity after "MaxTotalLoss" was fallen below (If "MaxTotalLoss_Used"=True). If False is selected, no new trades will be opened. By resetting the "ContinueTrading" option to "True", the EA can be restarted without having to be set up again.
  • ContinueTrading_NextTime_AllTradesClosed: The entry of "False" stops the EA as soon as the next time all his trades are sold.
  • ContinueTrading: Stop or start the activity of the EA immediately.
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