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Zonda Expert

Zonda Expert is a fully automated and secure medium-term trading system.

The Expert Advisor DOES not use Grid, Martingale and other risky trading methods.

Zonda Expert System automatically tracks the appearance of players in the market with a clear preference towards buying or selling. Trading uses pending orders directly on the broker's server, this allows to minimize delays and slippage. A fixed stop loss and take profit level is set for each order. The robot has a flexible mechanism for maintaining profitable positions and an intelligent mechanism for partial closing of profitable trades. The system has built-in protection against slippage and large broker spread.

The system calculates strong price movements and trend reversals, tracking 4 timeframes at the same time. Trade is conducted on strong cluster and news jumps of the market. The EA analyzes market volumes, volatility indicators and follows a large movement of supply and demand.

The EA has multi-currency trading functions (EURUSD,GBPUSD,XAUUSD). Virtual mode allows you to place orders and breakeven levels without a broker.

The basic settings are already calculated for trading on the EURUSD M15 currency pair.

Be sure to email me personally, I am always happy to help you with the best settings and tips for the trading system!


In order to the system works correctly, it is important to have a good communication channel with the broker's server. Therefore, it is recommended to use a  VPS server which is close located to the broker to achieve the lowest possible ping, in order to better placing orders by the robot. I can always connect via TeamViewer or VPS to help You!


It is important to backtest ZondaEA with the simulation coefficient  not lower than 99.0%. Some brokers have a significant delay in triggering stops and orders, which is critical to any trade.


  • Stoploss - stop loss in points;
  • Magic - unique EA magic number;
  • StartLevel - start initial value of level calculation
  • StopLevel - stop initial value of level calculation
  • BiasPipsBuy - shift of pending Buy orders (in points);
  • BiasPipsSell - shift of pending Sell orders (in points);
  • DealLifeTime  life time of a losing position
  • ClosePercent - the percentage of the number of unprofitable points
  • MaxClusters - the maximum number of levels for calculating the extremum;
  • OffChannel - maximum number of points from the current price for market analysis
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread (in points);
  • Slippage - fixed slippage (in points)
  • ShowInfo - show/hide additional information;
  • VirtualSL - enable/disable the use of the virtual stop loss (hides StopLoss from the broker);
  • SlipProtection - enable/disable protection against slippage;
  • AutoLot - enable/disable automated lot calculation;
  • Risk - risk per trade (percent of deposit used)
  • FixedLot - fixed position volume
  • UseBreakEven enable/disable the breakeven level;
  • BEStart breakeven start level (in points);
  • BEStop breakeven profit level (in points);
  • Trailing - enable/disable trailing of profitable positions;
  • TrailStart - trailing start levels (in profit points);
  • TrailStopPercent - percentage of change in profit level;
  • SplitProfitLots - enable/disable partial trade closure;
  • StartSplitPips - number of profit points to start partial closure;
  • SplitPercentProfit - percent of profit for each part being closed;
  • SplitLot - volume of closed lot for each part;
  • CheckTime - enable/disable EA operation in the specified time;
  • OpenMondayHour - operation start hour on Monday;
  • CloseFridayHour - operation end hour on Friday;
  • GMT - GMT shift;
  • NoTradingHours - time to pause trading, in hours (for example |0|1|21|22|)
  • CommentDeals - comments for trades.

phenix7 2019.01.08 23:27   

Мои вопросы автору остались были проигнорированы. А советник сливает!(

Mahmoud Shwaish
Mahmoud Shwaish 2018.12.05 14:50 

Good Day ,

here is me review :

Author : will response all the time , helpful and great .

Zonda : nothing new about breakout , will win if breakout happen with strong trend / spike , will loose if reversed after touching the entry .here the important : your profit will be around 0.05 % of capital but one loose will be 1-2-3 % etc of the capital .i am not ready to win 5$ X 10 times and one trade loose 200$ . Thanks

hassantiger 2018.11.25 00:48 

Bad ea big loos

Aceman123 2018.11.16 19:45 

A breakout that has the ability to win as well as lose enourmously.

Today, it was stopped out on EURUSD both on a buy and a sell.

If you were to follow the author's suggested money management (which luckily I didn't) you would have lost 20%+20%=40% in one day.

BRADLEY PATRICK 2018.11.16 10:32 

This EA just had a big loss on the EURUSD.

Emanuel Perez
Emanuel Perez 2018.11.02 22:27 

I start this EA 100 Demo last Monday 1 lost and 18 wins i think is a good EA

aagarcia 2018.10.31 13:36 

another breakout robot that loses money. Lost 20% of my deposit the first day. If situation improves and I recover I will possibly amend my star rating

** Update- thank God I didn't continue. It's a loser folks

Tehno84 2018.10.31 12:04 

На данный момент Zonda работает лучше других советников на пробой. Реальная торговля сходится с результатами бэктеста.

krassi2305 2018.10.30 18:35 

Very good EA! Thank you for your time and your help Alexey. Very very good Autor!

Vhug84 2018.10.26 04:25 

Excelents BT, today rented this EA. Updated later my review

two days using the EA, good Results, good support.

Mahmoud Nowishy
Mahmoud Nowishy 2018.10.25 20:25 

This robot has a great potential, and one of the best actually in the market, made acceptable profits with it already. Alexey is a top notch developer, from professionalism and support.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks Alexey

Banpodj Titipat
Banpodj Titipat 2018.10.25 05:59 

Sorry Author

Now I have stop used this EA

hope future improved

HIMANSHU MANCHANDA 2018.10.19 10:36 

zonda is a great product with efficient method.. the author is always available for support too.. i have been running his other product veno ea also on real account since past 3 months and results are amazing with regular support.. Believe me zonda and veno both are capable of making wonders. go for both and enjoy.

Version 1.88 2018.10.02
+ GMT settings for different time zones
+ double Risk
+ updated default settings