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The Expert Advisor analyzed the market, automatically determines the entry levels based on the identified price fluctuations and mathematical regularities of the currency pair.

The direction of the trade is determined by the EA's clever adaptive system which has a profit ratio of over %90.

The Expert Advisor uses candle Open prices. Stop Loss and Take Profit are always used to protect your deposit.

You only need to set an acceptable money management and specify GMT time of your broker's server in the EA settings.

The EA can work with any account type, but it is recommended to use five-digit NDD, ECN or STP account with low spread and fast execution.

The minimum leverage is 1:100.

The default EA settings are for EURCHF M1


Money Management - money management and acceptable risks

  • MM method - money management method
    • FixLot - fixed lot (Lot Size value is used).
    • Standard - use non-linear lot size management: the higher the balance growth, the lower the risks.
    • Extreme - linear lot size increase when the balance is increased.
  • Lot Size - initial lot for your balance
  • Balance - initial balance for lot calculation
  • Stop Loss - stop loss*
  • Take Profit - take profit*

Trading Time

  • Use Time Wisely - enable/disable trading time
  • Broker GMT - your broker's server time zone**
  • Start Hour - trading start hour
  • Start Minute - trading start minute
  • End Hour - trading end hour
  • End Minute - trading end minute
  • Monday Start On/Off - enable/disable control of the Monday trading start hour
  • Monday Start - Monday trading start hour
  • Friday Exit On/Off - enable/disable control of the Friday trading end hour
  • Friday Exit - Friday trading end hour
  • Support Position After Trade TimeOn/Off - enable/disable maintenance of the opened positions once the trading time ends until they are closed in profit

Terminal Settings - terminal and interaction with the trade server

  • Max Spread - maximum acceptable spread*
  • Slippage - maximum acceptable price slippage*
  • Magic Number - EA's order ID
  • Order Comment - order comment
  • Buy Color - buy label color
  • Sell Color - sell label color
  • Close Color - position closing label color
  • Stop Color - stop loss label color

*Specify values for four-digit quotes. The EA will recalculate them for five-digit quotes automatically.

** Make sure to specify your broker's trade server time zone (GMT) here, not your local time zone.

2017.12.28 21:29 

I am working with this EA in different trading conditions at the moment, ranging markets are best it would seem, low volatility night range. I like the way this Author puts the EA together. thanks Vladimir

Version 1.1 - 2017.07.17
Improved the accuracy of market entries, as well as reduced the risks when trading on a real account. The default settings are optimized, there is no need to download a .set file separately. The EA has been compiled in the current version of the MetaTrader 4 terminal (1090).