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Rebel EA

The fully automated Rebel EA does not use high-risk strategies. Deals are opened and closed during strong price movements. Trailing stop is used for protecting the deposit. Trading can be performed with a fixed lot or autolot. The EA features the ability to select the trading time. Deals last a few minutes, which allows using the Rebel EA along with other experts. The standard settings are suitable for trading EURUSD. With different settings, the EA can be used on GBPUSD, XAUUSD and other currency pairs with low spread.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/miloneg


  1. Recommended StopLevel is zero.
  2. Choose a broker with low spread.
  3. Use a fast VPS.
  4. Minimum initial deposit is $50.
  5. Recommended leverage is 300-500;
  6. Default settings are suitable for trading EURUSD H1.
  7. It is necessary to use different settings (Set files) in order to trade other currency pairs and timeframes.
  8. The trading results may vary, therefore, make sure to test the EA before buying.

Input parameters

  • UseAutolot - enable automatic lot calculation;
  • Lot - fixed lot, if UseAutolot is disabled;
  • Risk Percent - free margin percentage for opening deals;
  • The number of bars - the number of bars to determine the market entry(*);
  • Difference price - difference of prices(*);
  • Magic Number - the unique (magic) number of the EA;
  • Maximum Spread - maximum spread;
  • Maximum Slippage - maximum slippage;
  • Step Trailing - step of the trailing stop(*);
  • Stop Trailing - stop loss of the trailing stop(*);
  • Time Start Trades Server - trading start time;
  • Time Close Trades Server - trading (opening orders) end time;
  • Delete Limits Orders Server - time to delete pending orders;
  • Show Info Panel - enable the information panel;
  • Color Name - color of the EA name;
  • Color info - information color;
  • Size Text - text size;
  • Position panel - positioning of the information panel;
  • Comment BUY orders - comment to buy orders;
  • Comment SELL orders - comment to sell orders;
  • Use start StopLoss - enable the protective stop loss;
  • Start StopLoss - initial stop loss;

(*) - parameter for optimization, greatly affects the trading results.

2017.10.16 16:08 

Hi, I've rented the EA for 3 months, I applied it over 3 live accounts. No one gave profits. No support. The signals were doing fine until 2 month ago when started to going down. The author hide the worst signals. Don't be fooled. And no support when things started to go bad. There are others EA cheaper and with more parameters to tweak.

2017.09.16 00:32 

I used this EA in real for 2 months, bad results. It works fine only in backtest.... Useless

Mohammad Shaban
2017.09.14 17:35 

bad EA, total scammer, dont buy, 90% of EA in market showing signals does not match with real results, MQL5 support should do something about this scammers and robbers.

burak bahadir
2017.09.13 14:28 

After testing rebel for a while,

IC MARKETS - result was bad, Its not winning at all.

TICKMILL UK- Its not profitable. Winning trades are far fewer than losing trades.

Author is not so helpful since i have waited like 1 week for a reply to my important question about set files.

As a final result rebel was not a profitable breakout robot for me and I do not recommend it to anyone.

Vanderlei Kulzer
2017.09.12 16:38   

I rented it and placed in real account at ICMarkets with VPs 1,8ms. Very bad results, only losses. It doesn't show the same performance as the signals.

Also, placed it at ActivTrades and VPS 20ms, it got a little bit better results, but also losses. No profit.

The idea is good, but in practice doesn't work so well.

2017.09.11 20:16 

back test: good

real account : loss (Icmarket eur/usd)

Patikhom Chaiyaworawat
2017.08.21 04:35 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.08.19 20:24 

Poor performer

Update: I noticed it doing well in an account so other account might have been a broker not compatible with this EA although better EAs should do well with most brokers.

Jacob Bruno
2017.08.12 22:07 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.08.11 06:40 

Still good work

Chao Xu
2017.08.07 01:50 

if you want profit do not buy this expert

Aleksandr Artemenkov
2017.07.31 09:04 

Реально прибыльный советник за 2 месяца работы на реальном счете депозит только растет.

dimitre ivanov
2017.07.26 23:01 

Un mes en cuenta real con deposito inicial 200 euros ahora esta en 389 ,89 . Con buena configuración esta EA es muy buena.

2017.07.20 09:09 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.06.09 08:23 

It's very good for now. I'm testing it now and in some time I'll update my feedback.

Version 2.0 - 2017.08.04
1) Added the ability to change the EA's comment using "Comment BUY orders" and "Comment SELL orders"
2) Added the ability to set the initial StopLoss (To protect against disconnects)
3) Added information on the magic number and GMT time to the information panel