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Force Download Historical Data

It is a time consuming task to download all historical data every time you install a new terminal for your new broker. Now this utility will help you download all historical data for all timeframes and symbols found at the Market Watch from your broker's server.

All you ever need to do is to put this utility at a new chart without any other indicators/EAs and it will automatically scroll the chart to the left (in order to download) until no more new data received from your broker. Once the download is complete, it removes itself from the chart automatically.

Do not interrupt when download is in progress or else it may fail to download the complete set of data from your broker's server.

Indicator Setting

  • Refresh Interval - set how frequent you want to scroll the chart to the left. Set to a higher value if you have a slow Internet connection.

Now, go make some coffee while this utility do the boring task for you.

PS: Yes, the bottom one is a correct screenshot. There is nothing to show but a blank chart.

sunnychow 2019.05.20 15:56 

Thanks for share

Daniel 2018.03.20 16:30 

The Indi works fine. Thank you.

Now lets see, if my other Product works well with your historical Data. Thanks in advance.

Aravind 2017.11.24 03:08 

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