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ALAYERsell (Advance Layer) Advisor is a one way (Sell order) Expert Advisor with certain gaps and lots determined by yourself.

You might attach the EA when you have found a signal.

Let the robot do the layer (open simultaneously next order with certain gaps value). This EA may works on all symbols and timeframe.

Target profit is defined in 2 ways. 1st target profit is defined in USD and 2nd target profit with specific price target you specified. Please make sure 1st target profit is higher than 2nd target profit because it will close all position when calculate the nearest positive value.

Emergency button are available (close all order on current symbol) if your signal is going to sink.

Parameters for manual adjustment:

  • Trade_Enable = 0 : TRADING ACCESS (0 for yes/1 for no), default is 0. When you attach it to the chart and your terminal is set “Auto Trading”, it will automatically open an order with starting lots on Lot1. After the EA open orders, you may set it to 1 to avoid open order automatically after hits the target profit.
  • Pip Step = Gaps (in pips) to open next order/layer your orders if signal get floating.
  • Magic = 75952 : This is magic number, you may change manually with any number on every chart attached
  • TPprice = 0 : Enter your desired Take Profit price
  • SLprice = 0 : Enter your desired Stop Loss price
  • xP = 3000 : Profit multiplier with lots (Default is 3000. Example: 3000 x 0.01 x 1.0 = $30, means that the trade are closed when target profit in $30 achieve)
  • xL = 1.0 : Lot set multiplier, default. If you set xL to 3, Lot1 automatically will adjusted to 0.01*3 = 0.03
  • Lot1 = 0.01 :1st open order at 0.01 - you can change manually up to 50 levels, if you are not using martingale, just set all 0.01
  • Lot2 – Lot50 = 0.01 : 2nd open order with lot 0.01 after certain amount of Pip Step defined above
  • Slippage = 2.0 : "Regular" Pips as for 4 digits broker. Will be automatically recalculated for 5 digits

Wish you all the best with this Expert Advisor.

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