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ProNewsTrader Expert Advisor features various strategies and the built-in economic calendar. In addition to trading news, the strategies can be used independently.

The economic calendar is capable of dividing news into four groups according to their importance.

The trading time is set automatically but you can also set it manually or disable trading by news. In that case, the EA works autonomously according to the selected strategy.

The EA features virtual take profit, trailing stop and stop loss levels.

It is also possible to replace a stop loss with averaging or hedging meaning that only positions with a total profit can be closed. However, the risks when using the method increase significantly. Flat is dangerous for hedging, while trend is undesirable for averaging.

Strategy 1:

Positions specified in the parameters are opened 5 seconds before the news. Then a position is accompanied by a special virtual trailing stop or closed by a stop loss.

Strategy 2:

The EA places virtual pending orders at a predefined distance from the price 5 seconds before the news. An order in the price movement direction is opened afterwards. If no order is opened, the orders are removed 5 seconds after the specified time. An open position is accompanied by a virtual trailing stop or closed by a take profit/stop loss.

Strategy 3:

The EA opens orders based on the actual data in the direction of a positive or negative deviation from the forecast. If the actual value is equal to the forecast one, then the order is not opened. An open position is accompanied by a virtual trailing stop or closed by a take profit/stop loss.


  • English_Russian - if true, the calendar language is English;
  • AllowTrading - if false, trading is disabled;
  • Trade_On_News - if false, trading is conducted regardless of news.

Money management settings

  • Fix_lot - fixed initial lot;
  • Dynamic_lot - initial lot calculated as lot size per 1000 units of a deposit;
  • LargestLot - if true, the lot is maximum (all free funds are used);
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points;
  • Breakeven - set a stop loss to a breakeven, in points;
  • StopLoss - stop loss, in points;
  • Averaging - if true, a stop loss is replaced with an averaging;
  • lot_increase - if true, a lot for new grid orders is increased;
  • Hedging - if true, a stop loss is replaced with hedging;
  • Index_Martin - lot multiplier for hedging;
  • LotPlusLot - if true, then the lot multiplier is disabled, and the initial lot is added to the subsequent orders;
  • CountOrder_LPL_false - number of positions, after which the lot will be multiplied by the lot multiplier;
  • lim_step - distance from the market order to place a pending order, in points;
  • CountOrder_LS_rising - number of positions, after which the "lim_step" will increase after each subsequent order;
  • lim_step_rising - number of points to increase the "lim_step" parameter by;
  • TrailingStart - trailing stop activation level, in points of a breakeven;
  • TrailingStep - trailing step value, in points.

Trading settings

  • Trading_Symbol_1 - if true, news are selected only by the first symbol;
  • Trading_Symbol_1 - if true, news are selected only by the second symbol;
  • Highest_volatility - if true, the most important news are selected;
  • High_volatility - if true, important news are selected;
  • Medium_volatility - if true, medium impact news are selected;
  • Easy_volatility - if true, low impact news are selected;
  • OpeningTime - opening time of pending orders;
  • Trade_Before_News - if true, the Strategy 1 is selected;
  • BUY - if true, open a buy order;
  • SELL - if true, open a sell order;
  • Trade_Pending_Orders - if true, the Strategy 2 is selected;
  • Indenting_price - indent from the price, in points;
  • Pause - pause between updating virtual order levels, in seconds;
  • Close_Opposite_Order - if true, an opposite pending order is removed after a market order is activated;
  • Trade_Results - if true, the Strategy 3 is selected;
  • Max_Spread - maximum spread for performing a trade.


  • Good NDD broker;
  • Fast VPS.
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Version 1.2 - 2017.05.23
Fixed the operation of the order step increase
Version 1.1 - 2017.05.17
Fixed the operation of hedging and averaging functions.
Added one more important news event for the Canadian dollar.