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Ace Zone Trader

This semi-automated Expert Advisor uses the principle of wave price movement.

Currency pairs: any

Timeframe: М30, Н1

The idea of the strategy is that you divide the chart of the traded instrument into zones according to certain criteria using vertical lines. A zone is the space between two vertical lines. Since the price has a wave structure - growth/fall/growh/fall, the zones also alternate. In the Expert Advisor, you can set 4 variants of the alternation of zones (Trading mode): The type of the first zone depends on the selected trading mode.

  1. buy-sell-buy (the first zone is the buy zone)
  2. sell-buy-sell (the first zone is the sell zone)
  3. buy-buy-buy (the first zone is the buy zone)
  4. sell-sell-sell (the first zone is the sell zone)

In the buy zone, the EA will only buy. It will only sell in the sell zone (even if an order is closed by a take profit or stop loss). In the settings, you can specify whether to EA should close orders when passing to the next zone (the AllowClose parameter).

In trading modes 3. and 4. zones are alternated with "empty" zones, in which the EA will not open orders, but can close them depending on the AllowClose parameter.

To test the EA, use the Strategy Tester in the visual mode and set vertical lines (at least two lines to set a zone). You can place the lines immediately or move them. Depending on the trading regime, when the price crosses the border between zones, the EA will either open or close orders.

Please note that since on Friday the trading terminal displays the time of Saturday and Sunday, the lines set at the time of these days will be shifted to the left during the market opening on Monday. I recommend to start testing on Monday.

For a convenient use of the Expert Advisor, download and install free scripts (Lines capture and Lines draw). The first script allows you to capture (save) dates of added lines into the Zones.txt file in the common directory. The second scripts helps drawing lines on a chart based on the dates from the Zones.txt file.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • TradingMode - choose one of four trading modes
  • Magic - a unique magic number
  • TakeProfit - take profit distance from the open price
  • StopLoss - stop loss distance from the open price
  • AllowClose - (true) - close orders when the price crosses the zone border, (false) - do not close orders
  • RetryAttempt - the number of attempts to place an order / close an order / set stop loss and take profit
  • DynamicLot - (true) - use the lot as percent of free margin, (false) - use a fixed lot
  • RiskPercent - risk percent per trade is DynamicLot = true
  • Lot - fixed lot value if DynamicLot = false
  • Source - the source of data used by the EA for trading (lines) - work based on lines drawn on the chart, (files) - use data from the Zones.txt file, in which the dates of the zones are specified (use the lines capture and lines draw scripts) - the file will be locate in the common directory of terminals
  • FileName - the name of the file the EA to use (default is Zones.txt)

Use cycle indicators, cyclic lines, Elliott waves, interpolating indicators, and similar tools to achieve better results. Use the Expert Advisor to capture the trend, set the take profit 600at a distance of 600-800 points and stop loss at 300-350 points (for five-digit quotes). Use higher timeframes to highlight zones/cycles. This is a tool for you to use.

Test the Expert Advisor in the Strategy Tester and on a demo account before running it on a live account.

The EA operation screens are attached below.

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