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The Brothers

As we all know, the Forex market is deceptive in nature. Indicators and our own experience may point in one direction, while the price often moves in the opposite direction. However, we may use this to our benefit.

This experimental Expert Advisor is based on the random number generator and the averaging principle.

‌Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/301363


  1. Monitor the EA's work to evaluate its efficiency. The trading is conducted on seven pairs simultaneously. The strategy tester cannot fully reveal the EA's features since it performs testing on a single currency only.
  2. Use the EA on several pairs simultaneously. To do this, launch it on a necessary chart and change the inputs if necessary.
  3. A dedicated account is recommended.
  4. You can enable the martingale if necessary (the Martingale parameter). When enabled, the volume of subsequent orders is increased Martingale times.


  1. Profit - desired profit in the deposit currency obtained after closing of a series of orders.
  2. Step - distance between Buy or Sell orders on the current pair.
  3. Chance - order opening frequency.
  4. Lot - order volume.
  5. Martingale - increase the volume of subsequent orders Martingale times.

Recommended settings values

  • Profit = 5.
  • Step = 0.001 for orders with 4 or 5 decimal places; Step = 0.1 for orders with 2 or 3 decimal places.
  • Chance = 0.001 for orders with 4 or 5 decimal places; Chance = 0.1 for orders with 2 or 3 decimal places.
  • Lot = 0.01.
  • Martingale = 1.

Questions and suggestions are welcome.

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