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Aggressive Breakout

Attention Aggressive Breakout users: This EA was designed to catch huge spikes and close trades before the price reverses.

Please download the set file in comment #117 at this link and ONLY TEST on a Live Demo. Low Rental price is set for this purpose. Back-Testing will not match your forward test.


After you download the Set file I recommend attaching it to the most volatile pairs like GBP pairs. Be patient for a few days and wait for the market to go into a frenzy and watch how the EA will behave.

The provided set file will open when price hits 4 pips per second and close when prices reverses at 4 pips per second or stop out at SL 25. Break even 10 pips. Start trailing at 20 pips and trail 15 pips.

We are trying to catch the market when it wants to bust out into an Aggressive Breakout!

Aggressive Breakout with Customizable Features

Please see the market web page for this product and go to the comments area. I am uploading set files for various strategies and answering all of your questions to help you get consistent results with this EA. Thank you.

  • This EA opens trades by price action, number of pips per number of seconds, or Bollinger Bands, or candles High/Low.
  • It opens one trade at a time unless pending orders are not set to OCO. In that case it will open more than one buy or more than one sell.
  • It does not use martingale or any other risky strategies.
  • We use daily, weekly and monthly targets to prevent too much trading that only leads to losses.
  • We use an RSI Filter to avoid trading during slow periods (Must set to true).
  • Download set files for various strategies in the comments area.
  • Always trade an Ea on a demo account before using it on a real account.

Main settings

  • Magic Number.
  • EA comment.
  • Lot.
  • Place orders if under the max spread (in points).
  • Maximum price slippage for buy or sell orders.
  • Attempt to resend order if error.
  • Attempt to close order if error.
  • If trading account gets down to X$ it stops trading.


Invert trades settings

  • invert all trade signals.

Highly recommended daily, weekly and monthly target strategies

  • Trade each day until you are in profit and stop trading until the next day.

Daily target strategy

  • Target X pips profit (set to 5000 to disable).
  • Target X pips loss (set to 5000 to disable).

Weekly target strategy

  • Target X pips profit (set to 5000 to disable).
  • Target X pips loss (set to 5000 to disable).

Monthly target strategy

  • Target X pips profit (set to 5000 to disable).
  • Target X pips loss (set to 5000 to disable).

Pending orders feature

This feature will open a buy order X number of pips above a trade signal and a sell order X pips below the trade signal unless invert pending is checked, then it will reverse it to pending sell above and pending buy below the trade signal.

  • Open 2 buy orders or 2 sell orders.
  • Open 1 buy order and 1 sell order.
  • Invert open 1 buy and 1 sell.
  • OCO input.
  • Delete pending orders after X seconds.

Pending buy

  • X pips above (Buy Order).
  • X pips below (Sell Order).

Pending sell

  • X pips above (Buy Order).
  • X pips below (Sell Order).

Open trades section

Open trades when speed is moving X pips in X seconds

  • On/Off open trades by X pips in X seconds.
  • X Pips.
  • X Seconds.

Open buy if X candles higher, open sells if X candles lower

  • Open trades when X candles close higher/lower On/Off.
  • Open trades when X candles close higher/lower (number of candles).

Open trade Bollinger Bands settings

  • Open buy on cross upper BB band.
  • Open sell on cross lower BB band.
  • Open when X candles close after bands.
  • Averaging period.
  • Standard deviations.
  • Bands shift.
  • Applied price.

Take profit and close trades section

Take profit settings

  • Take profit (pips value) (if 0 disable).

Stop loss settings

  • Stop loss (pips value) (if 0 disable).

Trailing stop settings

  • Trailing start (if 0 disable).
  • Trailing stop.
  • Trailing step.

Break even settings

  • After x pips in profit move SL to break even (if 0 disable).
  • Lock in X pips for break even.

Candle trailing stop settings

  • On/Off.
  • Trailing stop candle.

X pips in X seconds Close trade settings

  • Close trade in opposite direction On/Off.
  • On/Off close when speed slows down to this level.
  • Close X pips.
  • Close Y sec.

Moving average close pending

  • Close all pending orders On/Off.
  • MA averaging period.
  • Averaging method.
  • Applied price.

Filtering trades section

Filter trades by RSI

  • Filter trades by RSI On/Off.
  • Allow only buys above line.
  • Allow only sells below line.
  • RSI period.
  • RSI applied price.

Day of week filter section

EA day and time settings

  • Close trade at stop times On/Off.
  • Daily start time.
  • Daily stop time.
  • Monday On/Off.
  • Tuesday On/Off.
  • Wednesday On/Off.
  • Thursday On/Off.
  • Friday On/Off.
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Version 1.2 - 2017.09.05
- New Default Strategy
- Added Day of Week Filter
Version 1.1 - 2017.06.01
1) Magic Number Input
2) On Chart Speedometer Measuring Current Pips per Seconds
3) On Chart Display Shows Highest Speed hit since EA was turned on
4) Break-Even will now have a way to lock in X pips profit when we get those crazy Fake Breaks.
5) Trailing Step Feature is now added