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The Spider

The Spider is a program of order management and profit taking. Once the user has opened a position, the program will close the initial order in small batches as you increase the profit and activate the Trailing Stop as it has been configured.

Example: A position is manually opened with 0.5 lots, at the time of profit, the program will close 0.05 lots (depending on the configuration given), leaving an open position of 0.45 lots and the program will establish a safety SL. And so on until the order is closed completely provided the benefits are greater than the previous ones.

Configuration Parameters

  • Partial Close: Activates the partial closure function.
  • Number of lots to close: Number of lots to close.
  • First % of profit: The first percentage of profit that will begin to close partial lots.
  • Increase % of profit: Percentage of distance from first closing to second and subsequent.
  • Total Close: This option activates the total profit taking according to the indicated percentage.
  • % Close: Percentage for the total take of benefits.
  • Security Stop Loss: This option activates the Safety Stop Loss.
  • % Security Stop Loss: Percentage of benefits in which the security stop loss will be activated.
  • Trailing Stop: Activates the Trailing Stop function.
  • Trailing Stop Points: Trailing Stop Points
  • Show Info: Displays the control panel.
  • Check Lot: Resets the percentage if the position is increased with later openings
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