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Naked Forex

Naked Forex is a safe trading robot that uses crossing of two moving averages and confirms trades using the RSI indicator, while maintaining a reasonable drawdown. The complex algorithm of trailing open orders is used, which takes into account the current quotes even after an order is opened, accompanying each trade.

Dynamic lot size is used. Trades remain open from several hours to several days.

The EA is based on safe money management without martingale, grid, hedging, etc. Stop loss is set at the time of sending the order, so the EA is not afraid of a sudden loss of the Internet connection if you are not using a VPS.

As the market is cyclical, during the long optimization, the parameters were selected, in which the EA is more profitable in the current market conditions.

Symbol and timeframe

EURUSD M15 is recommended.

Recommended starting balance

$100. Please note that the account must be dollar-denominated for the correct calculation of the trading lot.
Recommended broker and account type
A broker with low spread (up to 5 points) is recommended.


  • LotSize: lot size for every $1000 from the free margin ($300 =  0.03 lot).
  • Magic: unique magic number of the EA
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