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Exp 3MA New

The 3MA_new Expert Advisor is intended for traders and investors who value stability and confident, continuous growth for their assets the most.

3MA_new is a trend EA, which takes the price impulses at the moment of their origin. This is due to its design based on 3 moving averages - the basic indicator used as a foundation for virtually all other indicators.

Intersection of two ЕМАs generates a buy signal, filtering is performed using the third EMA. Combined with a proper money management mechanism, operation on trending instruments becomes easy and low-risk.

The algorithm is highly customizable - every user of the EA is able to adjust the robot operation according to his own vision of the market. For those, who do not want to waste their time, the EA features built-in settings, which are perfectly suitable from 2010 to the current day.

3MA_new is tight stop losses and take profits, proper risk management system.

3MA_new ‒ no martingale, no sitting-out, no locking.

3MA_new ‒ minimum SL of 350 points and TP of 1000 points provide a high immunity to slippages and decline in liquidity during news releases.

The EA supports trading both a fixed lot (entered manually) and a dynamic lot (percentage of the deposit).

There are no minimum deposit requirements - even $100 are enough to start trading.

The default parameters of the 3MA_new are designed for the М30 timeframe of the UsdJpy pair. To run 3MA_new on other currency pairs and timeframes, simply optimize the main parameters of the EA on the latest available history!

Trading conditions: best suited for ECN accounts.

A VPS server is recommended for stable operation.

Parameters of the EA

  • Period MA_1 – period of the МА №1
  • Method MA_1 – method of МА1
  • ApplyTo MA_1 – Apply to… МА1
  • Period MA_2 ‒ period of the МА №2
  • Method MA_2 ‒ method of МА2
  • ApplyTo MA_2 ‒ Apply to… МА2
  • Period MA_3 ‒ period of the МА №3
  • Method MA_3 ‒ method of МА3
  • ApplyTo MA_3 ‒ Apply to… МА3
  • StartHour – trading start time
  • EndHour ‒ trading end time
  • TP – take profit of deals (5-digit points)
  • SL – stop loss of deals (5-digit points)
  • FixLot ‒ fixed lot per deal
  • RiskPerc ‒ risk per deal in percentage value (if FixLot=0)
  • TrailStop ‒ the number of points in profit to activate the trailing stop (if 0 - disabled)
  • TrailStep ‒ trailing step
  • FridayClose= false/true (close open orders on Friday)
  • FridayCloseHour ‒ hour to close on Friday
  • FridayCloseMin ‒ minute to close on Friday
  • Mon, Tue, Wen, Thu, Fri = false/true (days of the week when trading is allowed)
  • Magic – magic number (must be different for each chart the EA is attached to)
  • TimeFrame ‒ timeframe for the EA operation (if set to 'current' the EA trades on the timeframe of the chart it is attached to)
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