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Fully automated Expert Advisor.

Not a scalpper, the EA does NOT use martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc.

It enters the market using pending stop orders according to the signals of the integrated indicators.

Virtual take profit or virtual trailing stop is used for fixing profit. The EA does not use stop loss. Instead, a proprietary system for locking possible unprofitable positions is applied, followed by transferring all orders to total profit.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/265465

Minimum deposit is $200 for trading 0.01 lot and $2000 for trading 0.1 lot.


  1. The EA has been optimized for the GBPUSD (M30) currency pair.
  2. VPS is recommended.


  • Order_Comment - custom comments for deals (can be any).
  • TakeProfitAll - total fixed take profit (recommended - not greater than 20 points).
  • TrailAll - value in points to activate the trailing stop (recommended - not greater than 20 points). A value of 0 in any of these parameters means that the parameter is disabled.
  • MMMethod: 0 - trading will be performed using a fixed lot; 1 - percentage of equity.
  • Lots - fixed lot (not greater than 0.06 per $1000 of the deposit).
  • Risk - not greater than 0.06 for deposits starting from $200 (if MMMethod=1).
  • Magic_N - unique magic number of the EA.
  • Auto5Digits - automatic detection of the number of decimal places in the broker's quotes (enable/disable).
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