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Grid Creator

This is a very simple but useful Script. It creates a Grid made of horizontal lines at a pre-selected separation. It will help you see how the currency pair behaves as it approaches "whole numbers" and trade them. For example: EURUSD 1.01, 1.02, 1.03.. USDJPY 110.000, 111.000, 112.000...


  • Only Erase Previous Grid? By default "false" (it means no action). If you select "true" the scrip will only delete the previous Grid without adding a new one.
  • Separation [Price Units]. By default 0.01 it means the lines will be spaces 0.01 from each other. For example for EURUSD: 1.0000, 1.0100, 1.0200... For "3 decimals" pairs such as USDJPY a value of 1.00 is suggested.
  • Select Grid Color. Self-explanatory
  • Grid Range[% up/down from Price] By default 10%. This means the Grid will be depicted only from current Price - 10% up to +10%. For example, if EURUSD=1.0000 then the grid will be depicted frin 0.9000 until 1.10000

Do not forget to check my other products and your suggestions are highly appreciated.

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