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The Separators utility will give your intraday trading a new prespective.

  • Distinguish the different days in a chart when using timeframes less than D1.
  • Study patterns in terms of price action.
  • Study patterns in terms of volume, volatility, spread, and discover the most favorable times for position entry/exit.


  • Number of Separators - This is an approximate number. The default value is 100. To use the maximum amount of separators, set this parameter to 0.
  • Time of the Day - Each day, at the selected Time of the Day, a new separator will appear. This parameter should be in the format: hh:mm
  • Color of Separators

Note that this utility will only paint lines on the candles which contain the Time of the Day specified.

Therefor, if you choose a Time of the Day equal to 00:30, then you must also choose timeframe that is M30 or less. This is because any timeframe higher that M30 will never produce any candle with the timestamp of 00:30.

Enjoy and Evolve!

Gennadiy Voltornist
2018.02.10 17:16 

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Ali irwan
2017.07.24 16:52 


2017.05.16 14:52 

So much useful for swing trades. This should be on Metatrader by default!!