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Intersection of deviation

The principle of this Expert Advisor is based on the intersection of the price with the calculated levels. These levels are calculated on the basis of Moving Average. The additional conditions for opening orders are intersection of other Moving Averages with different periods. Trades are closed by Stop Loss and Take Profit. The input parameters provide the ability to set the deposit load, suitable both for aggressive and conservative investors. It is not recommended to set n>4. It is recommended to run this EA on EURUSD chart, but it can also be used on other currency pairs with proper optimization. The presented input parameters are configured for EURUSD H1.

Input parameters

  • D - deviation of the third moving average;
  • Take Profit - take profit level;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss level;
  • n - trade volume increase, set in the range of 1-3;
  • MA1 - period of the first MA;
  • MA2 - period of the second MA;
  • MA3 - period of the third MA.
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Version 2.0 - 2017.05.18
Changed the method of calculating the lot for a trade. Added additional conditions for closing the deal. Fixed opening of the transaction.