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Exchange OnLine

The strategy is based on the elements used in trading by the market makers - trading against the crowd. The EA uses real trade volume information. The indicator simultaneously displays the information on 10 pairs on the chart, where the results can also be compared.

Online results of the EA operation

Signal: ExchangeOnLine

Expert Advisor Settings

  1. For the on-line version to work, it is necessary to add the "" to the list of allowed URL in Tools > Options > Expert Advisors.

  • Mode - trading mode
  • Lots - lot size
  • MmBalance - units of deposit per lot
  • LevelLong - level for buy orders
  • LevelShort - level for sell orders
  • StepAddOrder - averaging step
  • StopLoss - stop loss
  • TakeProfit - take profit
  • Magic - magic number


  • Attach the EA to 1 chart
  • It is better to remove the extra quotes
  • Configured for 5-digit quotes
Adam Goman
2017.08.10 20:34 

10.8.17 - Все там же. Этот советник наверно хорошо подойдет для ребейта. Куча сделок но в итоге ни профита не убытка.

18-7-17 - Пока что прибыль равна текущей просадке.

7.6.17 - Поставлю пятерку для поддержки продукта. Идея советника интересная. Надеюсь сработает.

Atep Novic
2017.06.26 10:11 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.05.26 01:01 

Big drawdown without stop loss. Open new orders almost every move and it is not good. This EA need stop loss function.. At the moment it is risky to run this EA. ... Seller has shoot up price on EA which is very bad, not worth that price. 499?? are you kidding me?

Mike Geesing
2017.05.20 18:01 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.05.19 15:03 

Unfinished product. It has no justification for its price whatsoever.

2017.05.17 04:51 

Feces the same product

The author has no patience to explain the problem

Buy his product without guarantee!

The author's signal, through manual trading! Fraud

Rotten product! Unlimited expansion of the loss, just today I closed the 550USD loss order

Remove this feces EA

If you do not want to lose your money away from him / it

2017.05.11 20:49 

excellent ea, almost 100$ profit in 2 days, idea is good, very low drawdown i am using with other ea with no problem. thank you

2017.05.09 16:15 

It is a very interesting EA and concept. It is well coded though it does not have a sl yet which Denis says he will include soon.

There are things to be said in the favour of this trading methodology and the coding of this fine EA. Five starts all the way !

Hualan Lu
2017.05.04 17:50 

it is really wonderful EA, i use this EA with real account, 3000usd 0.01lot, every setting as default as Denis told, very very surprised for 1st, and Denis is very kind of man ,took too much time in patient to help me to run the EA, so five star from me. i suggestion someone use EA, this is best one you can trust.

Version 1.10 - 2017.05.29
Added the setting for the number of limitations per one symbol (LimitOrders).