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Dime is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for scalping, breakout, news trading. It can work with low to high balance and ideal for big balance accounts specially when they need every trade protected with stop loss. It's trading time short and without staying long in floating loss. There is no risky strategy inside like grid, martingale etc.

Monitoring Signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/emporium/seller

Recommendations which can improve results:

  • Use VPS
  • STP/ECN Broker with low commission, spread
  • H1 Time Frame
  • Maximum Spread under 1 pip
  • Broker without stop level

Input Parameters

  • Maximum Spread - Spread limit (in Points)
  • Lots - For fixed lot size
  • AutoLot % - it will work as Money Management
  • Take Profit - In Pips
  • Stop Loss - In Pips
  • UseDynamicLoss - If false it's disable
  • DynamicLoss - In points
  • BandA - Signal Settings
  • BandB - Signal Settings
  • Slippage - In Pips
  • Magic No - Unique ID for EA trades
  • Show Info - Select to show/hide info on chart
  • Text Color - Chart info text color
  • Disable Alerts - If true EA will not pop-up any error alert
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