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So Stop Gambling & Start Investing!

  • This Expert Advisor places opposite trades - when most of the traders sell, this EA buys and vice versa.
  • Risks 2% of the capital on each deal (ideal investment). You can change this risk.
  • No use of Martingale system. So the capital invested will not be wiped out even after several consecutive losing trades.
  • Calculation of the risk as a percentage of the capital. So if you want to take a higher risk and earn more, then you only need to change the risk percentage.
  • Looking out for the best risk reward ratio to ensure long term stability.
  • Closing trades when obtaining opposite signals.
  • Only one trade at a time.
  • Intended for using on EURUSD M15.
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.06 23:32 

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Borodin161 2015.03.27 22:19 

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