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GoodTrend is designed for automated trading on the exchange. The robot trades hard while you go about your business.

The trade robot opens an order in the main trend direction based on the trend strength.

When a signal appears, the robot opens a position in the trend direction, then it takes profit or averages the positions using the trend method. Unlike the standard averaging, the robot will not trade against the main trend. Trading is performed mainly within the day.

The trading robot is equipped with the take profit and trailing stop levels.

The EA works with all pairs, optimization in the strategy tester is required for each currency pair. It is recommended to use the minimum risks (0.01 lot per 1000 units of deposit).

Input parameters

  • Fix_lot - fixed initial lot;
  • Dynamic_lot - initial lot, calculated as lot size per 1000 units of the deposit;
  • StopLoss_Proc - stop loss calculated as a percentage of deposit;
  • CountOrder_Close_Loss - the number of positions, after which all orders are closed with a loss;
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points;
  • Index_Martin - lot multiplier;
  • LotPlusLot - if "true", then the lot multiplier will be disabled, and the initial lot will be added to the subsequent orders;
  • CountOrder_LPL_false - the number of positions, after which the lot will be multiplied by the lot multiplier;
  • TrailingStart - the number of points from the breakeven line to activate the trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep - step of the trailing stop in points;
  • lim_step - distance from the market order to place a pending order, in points;
  • CountOrder_LS_rising - the number of positions, after which the "lim_step" will increase after each subsequent order;
  • lim_step_rising - the number of points to increase the "lim_step" parameter by;
  • Index_Trend - trend index, the greater the value, the sharper the movements are considered by the EA;
  • Max_Spread - the maximum spread in points;
  • Trade_Only_On_One_Symbol - if "true", trading is performed on a single symbol, if there are open positions.


  • The user should perform testing, determine the risks and select appropriate symbols. It is recommended to test the EA operation in the Strategy Tester or on a demo account;
  • Lower spread will improve results;
  • The EA should be attached to charts of each traded instrument individually;
  • Currency pair: any;
  • Timeframe: any (recommended М1);
  • Dealing center: any dealing center that supports working with MetaTrader 4;
  • Any account type (recommended DMA, ECN, STP, NDD);
  • Recommended leverage is 1:400 and higher;
  • Recommended deposit $1000 (or cents for cent accounts) for trading the micro lot 0.01

Remember that all investment decisions are made solely by you.

Alexandre Limeira
Alexandre Limeira 2018.09.13 01:56 

não vale a pena entra atrasado

SysMaker 2018.06.29 04:13 

One of the best EA that I have bought, In my case it wins 61% of the transactions, with profits of 600 USD in a week. I Recommend it.

WellAll 2017.04.12 23:01 


Version 1.1 2017.04.17
Added new features.