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Voron Bon

This robot implements the strategy of trading according to the probability theory and the main rules of trading - letting the profit grow and cutting the losses. If an order is placed with the same values of take profit and stop loss in points, the situation may develop in two ways: the order closes with profit or loss. After closing a losing deal, the EA opens a position in the opposite direction with a doubled lot. If deal is profitable, an order is opened in the same direction.

The EA can work on any instrument, as long as a preliminary optimization in the strategy tester for a particular instrument is performed. The chart timeframe is not important for the EA, as the decisions on opening positions are made by the EA based on the price action exclusively.

The EA requires a broker with a step for changing the lot size not greater than 0.01.

Main Settings

  • Lot - initial lot size;
  • TP - take profit;
  • SL: Stop Loss
  • FirstOrder - direction of the first order when the EA is started, 0 = Sell; 1 = Buy;
  • Magic - magic number.

Here are the settings for certain currency pairs, which have been working with a deposit drawdown less than 20% for the last 3 years.

  1. EURUSD: TP=70, SL=50;
  2. EURJPY: TP=100, SL=90;
  3. EURGBP: TP=65, SL=40;
  4. EURCHF: TP=95, SL=60;
  5. AUDUSD: TP=90, SL=50;
  6. GBPUSD: TP=90, SL=70.
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