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This Expert Advisor won 1st place in the Automated Trading Championship 2010. The trade system is based on analysis of Moving Average indicator.

The EA can work at any symbol and timeframe, but better results can be achieved on EURUSD, GBPUSD and M5/M15 timeframes.

It uses pending orders when trading, so the entry price has no slippage.

Buy order is placed:

  1. At strong upper price movement the EA places pending order at price of the moving average - shift.
  2. When price is changed, it modifies the pending order price, the values of Stop Loss and Take Profit until the order is executed.

Sell order is placed according the reversed rules.

The position is closed at Take Profit or Stop Loss price.

Input parameters:

  • InpMAPeriod (5) - Period of Moving Average;
  • InpCBars (6) - Number of bars, used in analysis of the moving average;
  • InpStopLoss (0.0035) - Stop Loss;
  • InpTakeProfit (0.0070) - Take Proft;
  • InpSmesh (0.0000) - Shift relative to the moving average value;
  • InpLotAmplifier (3.8) - Lot amplifier.

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