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GP Fast Trader Panel

Description of the Functions:

OPEN: Opening Market Orders. In this tab a trader can easily select volume, Take Profit, Stop Loss of the position and open it with one click. Here it is also possible to see the required margin and the tick value of the order according to the Lot specified.

CLOSE: This tab is designed for closing orders. There is available Manual and Automatic closing functions. Automatic closing function will close the orders according the parameters. The Panel has three types of Auto-Closing parameters:

  • PROFIT: Orders will be closed as soon as the current profit is equal or above the preset value.
  • EQUITY: Orders will be closed as soon as the Current Equity is lower than the preset value.
  • TIME: It is possible to set time when the orders will be closed.

Note that you can use the three parameters simultaneously.

SET: Allows a trader to place pending orders of any type. Also, it is possible to place multiple orders by setting the number of orders in “Orders Count” parameter. In addition, increasing or decreasing Lots can be used for every next order as well as increasing and decreasing Step between the orders.

DEL: Delete pending orders.

TS: Trailing Stop function. Easy and comfortable way to use Trailing Stop for market orders. Here a trader can use either Simple Trailing Stop which will follow the price at specified distance or use Trailing Stop based on Moving average or Parabolic SAR indicators.

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