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Adaptive Price Action EA

This expert advisor is using price action strategy to enter the market. It analyze the market patterns and support resistance on several time frames and prepare the trades by using pending orders. It's a unique EA robot that uses no grid, no martingale, no arbitrage, no hedges, no tick scalping, no indicators whatsoever and the best part is running fully automatic. It is an advanced EA that write logs of how many pip slippage occurred and how much time needed in milliseconds to execute orders.

You can start to use the EA with small balance and it trades perfectly with balance under 100 USD. Recommended broker is ECN with low spread and high leverage. Not only USD base currency you can use for your account, it has a smart money management system that allow you to use GBP, Euro or AUD base currency mt4 trading account.

Input Parameters

  1. Lot = intended for fixed lot trade
  2. Autolot = true or false, for automatic lot size calculation. If set to True, the EA ignore the fix lot size setting.
  3. Risk = used with autolot true. If you set 10, then it will trade 1 lot per 10K balance. If you set 20, then it will trade 2 lot per 10K balance and so on.
  4. HideSLTP = Set it to true if you want to hide the stop loss and take profit point from broker.
  5. SmartStoploss = it calculate stop loss from certain support resistance on multiple time frame that is coincide. Default setting is false to keep drawdown low.
  6. StopLoss = is the amount of stop loss in points.
  7. TakeProfit = is the amount of take profit in points
  8. MaxLot = is the maximum lot per trade. You can use this feature if you want to limit your maximum lot per trade.
  9. MaxSpread = is the maximum spread that the EA will tolerate.
  10. OrdComment = is the order comment.
  11. MagicNumber = is the magic number. Each order will be identified with unique magic numbers. Please use different magic numbers for each pair.
  12. UseBreakeven = you can set break even true/false here.
  13. BEStart = is the amount of points/pips profit before the EA will move the EA to breakeven points.
  14. BEplus = is the amount points/pips profit as breakeven.
  15. Trailing = You can set trailing true or false here.
  16. TSstart = trailing start
  17. TSstep = trailing step
  18. TSstop = trailing stop
  19. TimeFilter = you can set time filter true/false. It is recommended to keep it true with default setting.
  20. StartHour = the hour which the EA will start to work
  21. StartMinutes = the minute which the EA will start to work
  22. StopHour = the hour which the EA will stop to work
  23. StopMinutes = the minutes which the EA will stop to work
  24. PriceAction1 = first signal for entry
  25. PriceAction2 = second signal for entry
  26. PriceAction3 = third signal for entry
  27. TrendFilter = you can set true or false here to filter the trend by using 2 EMAs FastTrend and SlowTrend below. If set to true, the EA will only place pending orders according to the trend. Default setting is false, trade purely based on price action.
  28. FastTrend = Fast EMA
  29. SlowTrend = Slow EMA

Performance monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/alchemist/seller

You can find set files for each pair in the comments page and please feel free to write me private message to get personal support.b>

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Version 4.1 2017.04.14
1. Change default setting. Default setting is ready to use for USDJPY H1.
2. EA write log why delete pending orders. Can be spread too high or new signal appear to place pending orders.
3. EA write log of current spread during entry and exit.
4. When changing EA setting, it will automatically delete pending orders and place new pending orders according to new setting.
Version 4.0 2017.03.16
1. Change default setting
2. Update the SmartStopLoss input to a better strategy
3. Add CloseOnFriday input
4. Update the log writing for slippages
5. Fix minor bugs