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Successful trading news

I am happy to offer you my new upgraded Expert Advisor that trades ON NEWS and ON EVENTS that have a strong influence on the market, but do not occur on schedule! The EA opens trades in case of a sudden price change in any direction and closes them automatically with the profit that you wish. And we all know how often the price changes when a "successful" news appears, how far it can go up or down. Also, this robot protects your deposit by placing SL with customizable parameters.

This EA can be adapted for any currency pair. By changing the parameters, you can also dramatically change the trading strategy - from aggressive scalping up to moderate and expectant one.

Below are the parameters for the strategy suitable for those "hunting" for a single but profitable deal:

  • Currency pair - GBPUSD M15
  • second - 8
  • distance - 22
  • TP - 50
  • SL - 4
Note: if the price has 5 decimal places, the distance should be increased by 10, i.e., there should be 220 in the example instead of 22.
2015.07.30 22:48 

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2014.02.17 14:41 

Перспектива у этого эксперта очевидно есть. Торгует по ситуации, не оперирует ни какими данными, думаю сумею взять с него прибыль. Да прибудет с Вами профит))

2014.02.14 07:37 

Классный робот, гибкая настройка, можно с легкостью подогнать под текущую ситуацию на рынке, мне нравится, пока в профите))