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News Trade MT5

News Trade is fully automated Expert Advisor. It's specially designed for news trading, volatile market, breakouts, and for trend trading. To make this EA more effective need a better settings from input on different pairs. How it will work all settings in user's hand and they can use this with different settings from quick trade to long trade. Visit MT4 Version.

Traders can use this EA in their own way with their own settings.

How It works

It gives two stop pending orders on both side with a specific distance from price with auto orders expiry. If any order trigger other pending order will be removed auto, same way if non order trigger both will be expired and ea will paste new fresh orders. To make better gains orders distance and orders timing have high combinations. With different tuning user can find different results and back tests can help to find best settings with different pairs. It also have spread protection during high impact news.


  • Spread Limit - Maximum allowed spread (in points)
  • Lots - For fixed lot
  • Orders Type - Selection of Long, Short or Both
  • Auto Lot% - Money Management
  • Take Profit - In Pips
  • Stop Loss - In Pips
  • Breakeven - If Breakeven is set to false, its disable
  • StartBreakeven - When Breakeven will take start
  • StepBreakeven - When Breakeven step will move
  • Trailing - True/false If Trailing is set to false, its disable
  • Trailing Start - When Trailing will take start
  • Trailing Step - Moving Steps for Trailing
  • Orders Distance - Pending orders distance from price
  • Auto Trade Time (Minute) - Re-orders timing
  • Orders Expiry (Minute) - Auto pending orders expiry
  • Comments - Expert Advisor Comments
  • Daily Trading Timing - Switch On/Off
  • Daily Start Trade - HR:MN
  • Daily Stop Trade - HR:MN
  • Slippage - In Pips
  • MagicNumber - Unique ID for trades
  • Chart Info - If true it will show on chart

*All settings in Pips except Spread Limit.

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