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Veno EA MT5

Veno EA MT5 is a safe and fully automated medium-term trading robot.

The EA does NOT use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc.

Veno Expert System MT5 automatically monitors the appearance of participants with distinct preference towards buying or selling on the market. Trades are conducted on sharp cluster and news based movements of the market. The robot analyzes the market volumes and volatility, and follows strong supply and demand movements. It smoothly sets breakeven levels and features the built-in smart mechanism for partial closure of profitable trades. The built-in spread filter manages slippages and spread extension.

The EA features multi-currency trading.

Basic EA settings are already configured for trading EURUSD (M30, H1, H4), GBPUSD (M30, H1, H4).


  1. The EA has been optimized for EURUSD (M30, H1, H4), GBPUSD (M30, H1, H4).
  2. It is recommended to use a low spread ECN broker and a VPS.
  3. Use only five-digit accounts.
  4. Small spread will significantly increase your profit.


For correct robot operation, it is important to have a good communication channel to establish connection with the broker server. Therefore, it is recommended to use the VPS chosen based on the closest location to the broker to achieve the lowest possible ping, which provides better conditions for the robot to place orders.


It is important to backtest Veno EA MT5 with the simulation coefficient of at least 90%. Some brokers have a significant delay in triggering of stops and orders, which is critical to any trading.


  • Lot - lot size;
  • Stoploss - stop loss;
  • Magic - unique EA magic number;
  • CheckLevels - estimated number of levels;
  • BiasPips - correction factor for pending orders;
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread allowed of the broker;
  • ShowInfo - show/hide extra info;
  • Optimize - enable optimization for fast testing in the terminal;
  • Trailing - enable/disable breakeven position processing mode;
  • TrailStart - activate breakeven level (in points);
  • TrailStopPercent - breakeven level setting percentage;
  • SplitProfitLots - enable/disable profitable order division mode;
  • StartSplitPips - points of profit to start dividing a profitable deal;
  • SplitPercentProfit - profit percentage for each divisible part of a deal;
  • SplitLot - closed lot volume for each divisible part of a deal;
  • AutoLot - enable/disable deal volume auto selection mode;
  • BalancePerLot - number of the balance units per the specified Lot deal volume;
  • CheckTime - enable/disable the EA hourly work mode;
  • StartHour - operation start (in hours);
  • StopHour - operation stop (in hours);
  • CommentDeals - custom comments for deals
2018.02.24 03:50 

Hello everyone :) Today i made the hard decision to share my opinion about Veno MT5, it has been really hard because i truly believe The developper "Alexey" is a very good person and he helped me every time i got stucked.

I'm experiencing big slippage with this EA which hasn't been profitable for me.Today it has been several days that i contacted him after the EA locked itself out for the third time, leaving all pending orders placed without any solution to unlock it by myself.It has been several days with no response from Alexey whatsoever.

I understand that everybody can be really busy, but for now it is a complete waste of money with an unusable EA, i really hope to get the opportunity to keep using something a paid for someday or another, i intend to update my review to a good review as soon as i will be happy of veno.

Today it is impossible to open a single trade, Veno shows "invalid account" for the third time in three month and needs help but no one respond, i'm really disappointed by this situation and i hope nobody will make my mistake to buy this EA.

I don't advise anyone to buy the EA for now, the last update that you will need hasn't been through MQL5 market yet and the version you're about to purchase will allow you to run the EA with only small positions without its last improvements that you will need.

Thanks for reading me.

Have a good one fellows traders

6/09/2017 Alexey finally got to me, giving me the "new" version of the EA that works on my servers

28/09/2017 STILL NO NEWS FOR ME :(

9/10/2017 I contacted Alexey again to get a good version of veno to test, i'm wiling to change my review when i will get it...Alexey seems to be busy i hope he will find time to answer me :)


Alzo Beyo
2017.07.31 06:42 



1. Profitable in real account

2. Safe and stable depend on your setting, if you are too aggressive, take your only risk

3. Author instant post support


1. Require true ECN account to make it work, profit is depend on the broker you select. The less spread you have, the more you earn.

2. Update can only collect from author.