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This Expert Advisor looks for zones of sideways movements not necessarily during night periods.

You can follow our results on the link below:


The currencies recommended for this system are:


The recommended set for each currency can be founded here:

You can use this EA on M5 or M15.

As always it is advisable to work with a broker with good spreads even though it is not mandatory since some sets are designed to avoid working during periods of low market activity.

Disconnecting the related pairs in the days with major events is also recommended.


  • Indicator Period: Period of the indicator used to assess market movements. Default: 38
  • Deviation: Volatility factor. Default: 1.4
  • MA Period: MA Period to filter out some trades. Default: 2.
  • Minimum Deviation: Minimum distance between prices to validate trading. Default: 150.
  • Oscillator Period: Oscillator period. Default: 14.
  • Hour to Start: Time to begin trading
  • Hour to Stop: Time to stop trading
  • GMT Broker: GMT of your broker. Default: +1
  • Use BreakEven: Use or not breakeven. Default: true
  • Stop Loss Market (1, 2, 3): Stop Loss for market orders
  • Take Profit Market (1, 2, 3): Take Profit for market orders
  • Trailing (1, 2, 3): Trailing stop
  • Points to Activate: Points to activate trailing stop
  • Distance Between Orders: Distance between orders
  • Timeframe (1,2): Timeframes used
  • Account Percent: Account percent used in each trade
  • Fixed lotsize: Set to 0 if you want to use account percent
  • Magic Number: Magic Number. If you want to use multiple currencies in one account, set different values for each currency
  • Spread Filter: Spread filter for market orders
enzo pellitteri
2017.11.11 18:44 

perfect, a bomb.

10 stars

Paolo Ronchetti
2017.10.04 22:42 

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Pavels Holusenkovs
2017.09.26 17:15 

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Aleksej Kravcenko
2017.09.10 13:25 

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2017.06.11 00:11 

This one looks promising!!! I had a great week!