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Works based on an indicator, no settings.

Run the Expert Advisor on M5 or or higher on EURUSD chart.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • Lot - initial order lot.
  • Safety order - step for the first additional order.
  • Offer a safety order - lot the first additional order.
  • 1-8 warrant against the trend - step for the second-ninth additional order.
  • Lot warrant against the trend - lot of the second-ninth additional order.
  • Monday - allow trading on this day.
  • Tuesday - allow trading on this day.
  • Wednesday - allow trading on this day.
  • Thursday - allow trading on this day.
  • Friday - allow trading on this day.
  • Breakeven - enable/disable the breakeven function.
  • The amount of starting BY - profit amount in deposit currency to start breakeven.
  • Profit for the BY - amount of profit to fix in case of a reverse movement.
  • Trailing Stop - enable/disable the trailing stop function.
  • Sum start TR-stop - profit amount in deposit currency to start trailing.
  • The total take profit - enable overall take profit.
  • The amount of take profit - overall profit to close trades.
  • The overall Stop Loss - enable overall stop loss.
  • The amount of stop loss - overall stop loss value to close trades.
  • Stop Trafficking - stop trading (the EA will not open orders after grid activation).
  • Fast Close - emergency closing of all open orders.
  • Color management - color of displayed information.
  • Color information - color settings.
  • Not active information - color settings.
  • Active information - color settings.
  • Profit - profit color.
  • Sag - drawdown color.
  • Orders BUY - color for Buy order.
  • Orders SELL - color for Sell order.
  • Removing tags - delete all labels from the chart when trading.
  • Magic number - EA's magic number.
  • The Information - show/hide information.

Before buying, make sure to test in the Strategy Tester or on a demo account.

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