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Milch Cow Mix

MILCH COW MIX EA is primarily a Hedging and Multiples Strategy. Expert support is to seize every opportunity in any direction. Not just opens the deals, but chooses the right time to close the open positions to begin trading again.

We recommend the use of an expert with a pair of high volatility for the currency, such as GBPAUD, AUDCAD

Testing expert during the period from 01.01.2014 until 15.2.2017 profit doubled ten times to account

Experts interface allows the user to directly trading open order and manual close

You can also close all open positions with the one click, Stop the expert's work and restart

  • Currency: EA works on any currency pair, but for best results use it on AUDCAD, GBPAUD
  • Operating Time-frame: EA works on any Time frame, All period
  • Minimum recommended amount and Leverage: Min Leverage: 1:100, Deposit: 65000 USD - lot 0.1, 6500 USD - lot 0.01, 650 USD - ECN ACCOUNT 10 cent lot or Equivalent amount
  • Recommended broker and Spread: Spread < 4 Points

No Specific brokerage but it's highly recommended to open account with ECN broker

More information available upon request on the comments Tab


  • Autochoselot - Apply enable / disable auto chose lot;
  • Lots – Set the size of the fixed lot
  • StepPoint - Step between hedge in points;
  • IncreasStep- It means increasing the distance between the orders ;
  • SaveAcount- Save balance to trading;
  • Start_Hour - Time to start trading;
  • End_Hour - Time to stop trading;
  • Autoclosedaily - Apply enable / disable auto close order daily;
  • Magic – Magic number
  • Click s or S - Directly trading open Sell order and manual close
  • Click b or B - Directly trading open Buy order and manual close;
  • Click Trade ON - Apply enable / disable EA;
  • Click Sell Only - Allow Sell orders only;
  • Click Buy Only - Allow buy orders only;
  • Click Close All Sell - Close all Sell orders;
  • Click Close All Buy - Close all Buy orders;
  • Click Close All Trade - Close all orders;
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Version 1.10 - 2017.04.10

In this version: The work of the expert has been improved by Confronting price gaps and rising spread and
Modify the graphical interface of the chart

Before closing orders, orders are processed by adding the price gap and spread

And also change the colors of candles and background