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Scalper GBP Free

Scalper GBP Free is a simplified version of the Scalper GBP EA, designed for trading GBPUSD and EURGBP. The EA does not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitration, etc.Most of the settings are already integrated into the EA code. All you need to do is to select the currency pair, adjust the WET (Western European Time) time zone in the EA parameters and to start trading. Working timeframe - M15.

Advantages of the paid version

  1. The possibility of "smart" automatic risk calculation.
  2. Complex operation algorithm, which adapts to the market situation.
  3. Trade settings for GBPCAD.
  4. Regular updates.

Input parameters of the Expert Advisor

  1. Pair - select the currency pair for trading.
  2. GmtShift - offset of the broker server relative to the WET (Western European Time).
  3. Commentary - comment to trades.
  4. MagicNumber - magic number.
  5. Fix lot - fixed lot trading.


  1. Timeframe - M15.
  2. Currency pairs - GBPUSD and EURGBP.
  3. Account type - for best results, use an account with market execution of orders and low spread, but it can also work on standard accounts.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 07:44 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Stars (40%) = Undecided (still testing)

3 Stars (60%) = Okay

4 Stars (80%) = Good

5 Stars (100%) = Excellente!

DAS-FX 2018.01.25 03:41 

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Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.23 17:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.08.17 13:01 

In some currencies work well, but some do not.

Nork 2017.07.22 20:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2017.06.26 23:54 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Vyacheslav Korolev
Vyacheslav Korolev 2017.05.05 13:54 

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Tscheff 2017.04.15 01:05 

This EA shows some really good results. Changing the stop loss levels would be something i would like to see in the Free version, too. Neverthless it's doing its job quite well on demo and real accounts. Will edit in a couple of weeks to report on stability.

Other EAs of the author i tested so far (Yogi EA Free and Cross Scalper) show good results, too.

Hodaka Satoh
Hodaka Satoh 2017.04.11 17:24 

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Jorgesavinon 2017.03.21 23:24 

en 1 semana no ha tomado ni una sola opercion

Grums 2017.03.20 04:05 

Советник торгует у меня уже месяц почти. Сейчас в небольшой просадке, но тем не менее +20 % за это время сделал. Стоит на ecn счете.

Gennadiy Voltornist
Gennadiy Voltornist 2017.03.19 11:46 

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Dorota GOLIK
Dorota GOLIK 2017.03.16 22:18 

Gratuit mais on le paye ne perdant les trades

darek1610 2017.02.27 21:36 

I tested the EA on live account. Good job!

Version 1.13 2017.04.04
Fixed minor errors.
Version 1.12 2017.03.31
Fixed errors of operating on old terminal builds.
Version 1.11 2017.03.22
Fixed minor errors.
Version 1.1 2017.03.16
The time zone of the broker's server relative to the Western European Time is now used instead of the Greenwich Mean Time.