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EA Nitro Light

The Expert Advisor is designed for trading multiple currency pairs simultaneously.

The minimum deposit is 500 USD. The currency pair and the timeframe of the chart do not matter.

The EA opens an order for a certain currency pair against the price momentum, that is, when the price exceeds the High/Low of the previous bar. The bar for calculation is specified in "Time frame to work EA". If the price moves against the opened order, the EA opens additional orders at a certain number of points, depending on the calculated volatility for the specific currency pair based on the value specified in "Grid step". Volatility is calculated as the deviation from the average volatility value for all currency pairs specified in the EA settings. The average volatility value of the currency pairs is calculated based on the High and Low prices for the specific currency pair. The bar for calculating the average volatility value is specified in "Bar for calculating volatility". Next, the EA iterates over all possible combinations of currency group pairs consisting of three currency pairs and the calculates the profit of such currency pair groups. If the profit of the currency pair group exceeds the value specified in "Take profit (% from balance)", the EA closes the currency pair group. In case the time from the opening the first order in the currency pair group is greater than the number of minutes specified in "Minutes for take profit", the EA closes such group of currency pairs upon reaching the profit specified in "Minimum take profit (% from balance)".


  • SYMBOLS - currency pairs. Listed separated by commas, the maximum number is limited by the field property and comprises 255 text characters (including commas and spaces)
  • Risk percentage from balance - risk as a percentage of balance for calculation of the lot size
  • Maximum risk percentage from balance - maximum risk of the balance for calculation of the maximum allowed lot size. Used if "Lot multiplier" is greater than zero (it is recommended to set a value equal to "Risk percentage from balance")
  • Stop loss (% from balance) - stop loss as a percentage of balance. Used for limiting the losses, the EA closes all trades once reached.
  • Take profit (% from balance) - take profit as a percentage of the balance
  • Minimum take profit (% from balance) - minimum take profit as a percentage of the balance. It is activated in the cases when "Take profit (% from balance)" was not triggered during the time specified in "Minutes for take profit"
  • Grid step - step for opening grid orders. It is used as the basis for the automatic calculation of the grid step for all currency pairs based on the volatility of each pair
  • Minutes for take profit - the time in minutes, during which the EA is allowed to close orders by the take profit specified in "Take profit (% from balance)"
  • Time frame to work EA - timeframe for calculation of the entry points
  • Bar for calculating volatility - the bar for calculation of the volatility (recommended values: Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Magic - unique identifier of the EA's orders. Unique identifiers range from Magic to Magic*100. This range should not overlap the identifiers of other experts working on the same trade account.
  • Allow Info Panel - (true/false) - allow showing the information panel on the chart
  • Displaying information in the chart window - four modes of information display on the chart, which include 3 information panels: status bar, information panel and panel of statistics on open orders
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