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Specialist EURCHF

This is fully automatic expert advisor. The strategy is scalping movements from London session close till New York session close on EUR/CHF pair. The entry is based on standard technical indicator Stochastic and for exit it use stop loss and take profit with option to trail profit pips. The advisor always use reasonable stop loss and does not use grid or hedge, however it have build in option for increasing lot when losing. Remember, the logic is to use it for EURCHF on M15 time frame during hours: GMT 16:00 - 22:00, you can try on other pairs but I do not advise that. The EA is optimized and ready to use, just enter desired risk in money management parameters and synchronize GMT working hours.


  • Scalper strategy
  • Technical strategy
  • Can use with small deposits
  • Can use with other strategy, add to your portfolio
  • Pair: EUR/CHF
  • Time Frame: M15


  • Broker account with ECN and low spread from 0 with commission
  • Test it first to find out value for your risk appetite
  • Use constant internet connection or VPS

Live signal monitoring



  • Number Order Buy - Max open buy orders
  • Number Order Sell - Max open sell orders
  • Take Profit - Take profit in pips
  • Stop Loss - Stop loss in pips
  • Max. Spread - Max allowed spread
  • Slippage - Max allowed slippage
  • Magic Number - Unique number for trading orders if use with other systems
  • Show Info To Chart - Display text info on chart, turn this off when backtesting it will be much faster
  • Lot Size - Fix lot size if "use risk" false
  • Risk % - Auto lot size in % if "use risk" true
  • Lot Multiplier - Value for multiply lot size if last trade was loss when "use martingale" true
  • Trailing Start - Start trailing after this number of pips in profit if "use trailing" true
  • Trailing Distance - Moving trail stop after this number of pips if "use trailing" true
  • Trade on Friday - Allow trading on Friday or not
  • Use Time Filter - Specify trading hours, use GMT 16:00 - 22:00
  • Indicator Parameters - Parameters for Stochastic indicator
  • %K Period - Value of time period for calculation. Default 5
  • %D Period - Number of time periods for calculating moving average of %K. Default 3
  • Slowing - Value for smoothing %K. Default 3
  • Price Field - Using low/high or close/close of candle for calculation
  • MA Mode - Moving average mode
  • Level Up - Above this value is used for sell signal
  • Level Down - Below this value is used for buy signal
  • Signal Bar Shift - Shift signal by number of bars
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