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The Tinker

The Tinker is a scalping-based EA. It was designed for long-term traders who are not in a hurry in making money. It uses the power of Envelope to find the entry. This EA is very suitable to be used either during trending market or sideways market.

Since it is a scalping EA, each trade will be closed once the profit is "equal to a lot" for a cent account or profit "equal to lot x 100" for a standard account or profit "equal to lot x 10" for an account with lotsize of 10,000.

Recommended setting

  • Leverage = Any.
  • Currency = Any.
  • SecondOrder = Different pair will need a different value, do the optimization before use.
  • VPS hosting is recommended.
  • For a starter, try USDJPY with the SecondOrder value of 550 for a 5-digit broker or 55 for a 4-digit broker.


  • Lots - Value of lots to be used in trading.
  • SecondOrder - Number of pips for next layer of Martingale to be opened.
  • Maxrisk - This is for martingale user. Set this to limit the number of trade open. All trade will be closed after the limit was achieved.

Additional Features

  • No more trade will be open once the margin is above 70% of equity.
  • Once a number of martingale layer is equal to the Maxrisk value, EA will cut loss all open trade and will calculate the amount of loss.
  • Then, the amount lost will be divided by Maxrisk*2. Default value is 10, which mean a lot open for 10 trade after cut loss is intended to recover the loss.

Please take note that previous trading will never reflect the effectiveness of the EA. The results may vary in the future. You might score better or less depending on the market condition. Do not trade if you are using the money you cannot afford to lose.

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Version 1.15 - 2017.12.26
The whole system was recreated but few setting such as martingale and cut loss remained. The setting panel was made simple.
Version 1.14 - 2017.08.21
The Tinker (Level 3)

- This is the ultimate version of The Tinker. No more update will be done after this.
- New filter was added to the EA to ensure it open the trade more accurately.
- You can adjust the sensitivity of the filter by changing the DevGuard value. Too much of this will lead to low trade count while too low will reduce winning rate chances.
- Try to combine, experiment, utilized and optimized all the function in this EA according to your need.
Version 1.13 - 2017.08.14
The Tinker (Level 2.3)

- Button on front panel was removed due to its load will increase the trading execution time.
- Flip flop and normal martingale can be set for each day which mean different days can have different type of martingale.
- StopLoss can be used for those who are from anti-martingale faction. SecondOrder will be the value for SL. No martingale will be open if this function was enabled.
- OneTrade per hour function was added which mean you can set the robot to trade only once for every hour.
- Time restrict was added. From here you can tell the EA whether to close all the trade during end of the day or the time outside the time set for the EA to trade.
- No button available now. We want automate system isn't it.
Version 1.12 - 2017.08.02
The Tinker (Level 2.2)

- Day Management setting was added to the EA where you can set the time of the trade for the following days or you can enable/disable the trading of the same days.
- Few internal bug was modified so that the trade execution will be faster.
Version 1.11 - 2017.07.27
The Tinker (level 2.1)

- Now you can choose whether to use normal martingale or flip flop martingale by using a panel on the screen.
- Close all trade button was added for emergency purpose.
- Few bug was fixed.
Version 1.10 - 2017.07.14
TheTinker v1.10 (level 2)

- New type of martingale was added (flip flop martingale). This kind of martingale is suitable to be used in trending market while the normal martingale is mainly for sideways market. This EA will switch between these two martingale according to market condition.

- Time management setting was added. Now you can specify the time for the EA to trade in the market.

- Trailing stop was removed due to its non-functional.