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The utility increases the volume of orders generated by the signal in the specified proportion.


  • Run only one instance of the utility on the account. Otherwise, unexpected behavior is possible.
  • The utility is attached to one chart, but it works for all orders (all instruments).
  • The utility works regardless of ticks, it runs every milliseconds.


  • Signal order - order created based on the signal of the provider.
  • Local order - order created by the utility in addition to the signal order.


  • The utility copies the order created based on the signal (iSignalComment) with the volume increased in the specified proportion.
  • The volume is calculated by multiplying the volume of the signal order by iLocalLotMult.
  • If the current price is more profitable than the signal price, then a market execution of order is performed (with the allowed slippage specified in iLocalSendSlippage).
  • If the pending is more unprofitable than the specified number of points (iLocalSlippage), than a pending order is created.
  • Changes in the signal order are synchronized with the local order (stop levels).
  • The utility supports direct closure of orders and closure by the opposite orders.
  • Since the local order is created after the original order, slippages are possible.
  • If the utility is disabled when receiving information from the signal, then changes transmitted by the signal will not be made to the local order.


  • iSignalComment - comment to the signal orders;
  • iLocalComment - comment to the orders created by the utility;
  • iLocalSlippage - allowed difference between the current price and the signal order opening price;
  • iLocalSendSlippage - allowed slippage during the market execution of the local order;
  • iLocalLotMult - increase factor of the local order;
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