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Asia Smart Pro

This is an improved version of the Asia Smart Expert Advisor featuring a lot of useful new functions. Now the user can completely specify market entry points and also determine the time at which the EA will trade.

‌Asia Smart Pro is a night scalper that opens orders at a breakdown of one of Bollinger Bands or of the maximum/minimum of the channel drawn at the specified number of bars. Although the EA can open orders at any time, it was decided to concentrate efforts on night scalping, because it possesses the the greatest potential at that time.

In order to save you time required to optimize the EA, we have prepared set files for 12 currency pairs.

Before purchasing the Expert Advisor, please read how it works in this blog post. Also be sure to test the program to make sure it meets your requirements.


Money Management parameters:

  • FixedLot — fixed lot value.
  • AutoLotSize — automated lot calculation. If "True", then the EA will calculate the Lot using the "PerEquitySize" and "InitialLot" parameters; if "False", the EA will use a fixed lot.
  • InitialLot and PerEquitySize — lot per deposit amount. For example, if "ForEquitySize" is set to 450, and "Initial lot" = 0.01, this means that the lot of 0.01 will be used for every 450 units of the deposit. With the balance of 900 the lot will be 0.02. For the balance of 1350, lot=0.03, etc.

Entry point parameters:

  • BollingerBandsEntry — if "True", the EA will open orders using Bollinger Bands.
  • BB_Timeframe,Period, Deviations, Shift— timeframe, period, deviation and shift for the Bollinger Bands.
  • BB_AddExtraPoints — an additional number of pips for the entry condition.
  • NBarsChannelEntry — if "True", the EA will open orders when the price touches the upper or lower border of the channel.
  • BarsNumber — the number of bars used to draw the channel.
  • NoTradeIfDistanceIsMoreThan — if the channel width from its minimum to its maximum exceeds the specified number of pips, the EA will not open new orders.

Position Control and Management Parameters:

  • OpenOnly — the type of orders that the EA is allowed to open.
  • TradeInOneDirection — if "True", the EA will trade in one direction only.
  • MaxSlippage\MaxSpread — maximum allowed slippage\spread.
  • MinDistanceBetweenOrders — required minimum distance between an open order and the price, at which the EA is allowed to open an order in case of a signal.
  • MaximumOpenOrders — the maximum allowed number of open orders with the same "Magic" number.
  • TakeProfit—Take Profit.
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss.
  • TrailingStop—In true, allowing you to get the most out of each movement.
  • TrailingStart — initial trailing stop activation level.
  • TrailingStep — Trailing Stop step.
  • BreakEven — the breakeven function.

Trade Period Settings:

  • StartTradeTime\EndTradeTime — start/end of the trade period.
  • Europe_DST — this parameter should be used in testing. If your broker does not automatically switch to Daylight Saving Time, enable this parameter when testing the EA.
  • CloseAllOrdersAtTime — if "True", the EA will close orders at the specified time.
  • CloseAllOrdersAt — the time to close orders.
  • NoTradesBeforeWeekend — if "True", the EA will not open orders before weekend.
  • TradeOn(Monday,Tuesday..) — if "False", the EA will not open orders at the specified day of the week.

Other Parameters:

  • Order_Comment — comments to orders.
  • Magic — a unique numeric code assigned to orders to distinguish between orders of different EAs.
  • InfoPanel — information panel parameters.
  • NewsFilter — if "True", activates the news filter.

A more detailed description of some parameters is available here.

Attention! Backtest performance does not guarantee similar results in the future. The program is a trading tool rather than a "set and forget" Expert Advisor.

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Version 2.0 - 2017.04.17
+ Added the News Filter
News Filter parameters:

1)UseNewsFilter: If True, then the news filter will be used.
2)Start Trading After News: After a news release, how many minutes must pass before the EA is allowed to trade again.
3)Stop Trading Before News: Before a news release, how many minutes must be left before the EA will stop trading.
4)Small Impact News: If True, the EA will take into account low-impact news.
5)Medium Impact News: If True, the EA will take into account medium-impact news.
6)High Impact News: If True, the EA will take into account high-impact news.
7)Your Broker's GMT Offset: Offset of your broker's server time from the GMT time.
8)Track Currency News: Which currency news the EA must track.
9)Draw News Lines: If True, then the EA will draw news lines on your chart (including lines for past news).
10)Draw News Lines Only For The Future News: If True, then the EA will draw news lines on your chart only for future news.